Sunday, November 8, 2020

QG: 3k Results + 5k Registration Details

Next Quarantine Games Race: 5k on 11/14
Three down....two to go.

The next QG event is the second and final 5k this Saturday, November 14th. The weather is calling for a week of rain except...on November 14th. Fingers crossed.

Heat sheets and meet information will come out later this week. Meet results for all races last week are here.
Open Women Win Over BTC, GRC
After suffering two narrow defeats at the hands of Georgetown Running Club, the GSTC ladies finally pulled off a win.

Erin Jaskot, last week's Athlete of the Week, ran a big PR as the Villanova alum debuted with the club in 9:51.

Rounding out her winning team was NJ record holder Charlotte Bednar, Miranda Lorsbach, Camryn Wennersten, and Emily Rosario. This was a huge PR for Rosario who edged out GRC's 5 and 6 runners to nail down the win.

The second team of Marissa Coombs, Ali Niles, Meaghan Driscoll, Kelly Gorman, and Leah Roberts finished third overall, edging out CA's West Valley TC by thirty points.

The third team of Miri Goldberg, Shannon McKenna, Marianne Miller, Connie Allen, and Ariana Bauer finished fifth overall, just two points behind WVTC.
Men Finish Third By 1 Point
Jack Pinho, above, ran a fantastic race for the black and gold, as he won the 3k at Thomas Edison Park in a sizzling 8:33. However, it just wasn't quite enough as the open men suffered another rough QG race on Halloween.

Stephen Garrett (8:41), Ben Godish (8:50), TJ Harkins (8:50, and Matt Eder (8:58) rounded out the team's top five.

The squad's B Team of Brad Kilheeny (9:05), Jeff Perrella (9:08), Norbert Kuter (9:29), and Alex Uhrik (9:29) weren't too far behind, finishing sixth overall.

Georgetown Running Club continued to dominate the GSTC with five guys in the top ten.

Boulder Track Club, meanwhile, squeaked by the club by just a point.

The 5k is 11/14, and the GSTC returns some big names with hopes to avenge last weekend's loss
M40s Beat WVTC, Go Up 2-1 in QG Series
The West Valley Track Club has won the M40s national title at the USATF Club XC Championships both in 2018 and 2019, and now the San Francisco-based team finds themselves in a 2-1 deficit against the GSTC.

Duncan Nysinga and Kevin Shirk, both new members in 2020, have continued to race extremely well this fall. Duncan won the 3k in 8:58 while Kevin, just steps behind, finished third overall in 9:02.

Just eight seconds separated the next seven runners with Dave Ferruggia, Chuck Schneekloth, and Shawn Williams all squeaking inside the top eleven.

GSTC ended up defeating WVTC 32-42.

Like most masters teams, Boulder Track Club and Cal Coast Track Club both have a strong top 2-3 runners, but rounding out the final few scoring slots with competitive, healthy runners is always a challenge.

The 5k this weekend is the only event WVTC has lost, so chances are they're able to rally and tie up the score 2-2 with just the mile remaining on 11/28 to determine the final series champion.

W40s Stay Undefeated
Elena Rozhko won the 40s race again with an impressive 10:39 3k, and her W40s team once again won the team title over Boulder Track Club.

Helping the GSTC ladies win were Jen Martin (11:33), Heather McDermott (11:48), and Kim Aspholm (12:19)
GSTC Donates Gear to Snyder High School
After supporting several low-income, high-need schools in Newark. the GSTC connected with coaches at Snyder High School, in Jersey City, for their most recent donation.

SHS has a 76% rate of free and reduced lunch, yet despite these challenges, they are often one of the strongest track teams in NJ. Thanks to all for their donations to make this happen!
M50s Finish Second, but Frieders Aging Up Will Change Things on 11/14
The WVTC M50s team are 3-0 against the GSTC, but that will certainly change come the 5k this weekend.

In last week's battle, Mark Zamek and Steven Segaloff ran 10:01 and 10:11, respectively, to go 1-2 for the M50s team that ended up losing to the Bay Area stalwart, 22-33. For Segaloff, these have been huge breakthroughs for the newly minted 50 year old, as he's spent the last several years running marathons.

Todd Wiley (10:14), Joe Hegge (10:18; back from injury), and John Hogan (10:28) rounded out the squad's top five.

Despite dropping to 0-3 against WVTC, Jonathan and Elliott Frieder both aged up to 50 last week, thus clearing a wide path for a M50s win in these final two team races.

M60 Results from 5k on 10/10
Although the M60s team scored incredibly high at last year's M60s national club XC championships, the squad hasn't been able to get three healthy and able men to the starting line for one team race yet.

At the 5k on 10/10, two M60s ran very well: Mike Salamone (18:57) and Gus Stanzione (21:09). Fingers crossed we can get three for a complete scoring team this coming weekend in the 5k!
Garcia Shines As Lap Counter
It's been almost ten years since graduating college, and Ricky Garcia has served New Brunswick High School well as both a PE teacher and coach. However, he found his true calling on Halloween.

"It was just amazing," he said after last week's meet. "Every time they ran by me, I just flipped the number over effortlessly. It was rewarding. Every minute I had kids staring at me, begging to know how many more laps they had. Every time I solved their problem."

He admits he wasn't sure if he could top Kevin Jang's performances the last two meets, but he was excited to try.

"Kevin is obviously a guru, and it's like poetry in motion the way he flips those numbers around. But I tried to step up, and I think I met the challenge."

He owns that ringing the final-lap bell was a bit more than he was ready for, but he wasn't discouraged. "One day, I'll ring that bell just as good as Kevin," he said. "But that day wasn't today."
3,529 People Are Also Wondering What's Going On Here.
Just before last week's elite high school 5k, Runnerspace spotted rabbit Kyle Price with a gorilla outfit.

GSTC headquarters simply responded by quoting Oscar Wilfe that any attention is good attention.
It may be your last chance to race in months
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