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Monday, November 23, 2015

(11/23-11/30): Ashenfelter is Here, the Season Finale


The Season Ends on Thursday!

Men, Women Finish 3rd at East Regions

Last weekend, the aGSTC hosted the inaugural USATF East Region Cross Country Championships at the rugged and historic Belmont Plateau in Philadelphia.  Both men and women finished third overall, despite not having their strongest squads out there.

On the women's side, Liz Sweeney was the team's top finisher, as she was 5th overall in 19:05.  Jenn Cronin was 10th in 19:27, as Robin England and Aimee Chegwidden went 12-13 in 19:46-19:48, respectively.  Nicole Salge and Erika Meling rounded out the scoring, finishing 15th and 18th out of 37 participants.

The course featured one park perimeter loop, one woods loop featuring "Parachute Hill" and "Suicide Hill," and a final permitter loop.

Results: USATF Women East Region XC Champs
28 points- Central Park TC
37 points- Georgetown Running Club
55 points- adidas Garden State TC
109 points- Greater Philadelphia TC
132 points- Philadelphia Masters

On the men's side, Youssef Rochdi ran hard with the leaders until the final permitter loop, fading to third overall with a 26:46 final time.  Kyle Price was 12th, as the #2 man, in 27:32, as Ethan Rissell was the third man, at 16th place, in 28:09.  Just behind him were the team's final scorers in Kevin D'Emic (28:23/19th) and Michael Robinson (28:25/20th).  The A Team finished third overall with 68 points.

The B Team, comprised of Mike Anis, Joe Zeoli, Edsel Flores, John Welsh, and Jarrett Kunze finished 6th in 140 points.

The C Team finished 7th with 175 points.  This team consisted of Will Alston, Iaian Ridgeway, Adin Mickle, Brendon Conway, Peter Bolgert, and Karl Mulligan.

The men's course featured three perimeters loops, with one inside hilly loop between them.  The course is considered 1:30-2:00 slow based on the numerous hills and tricky footing at times.

Results: USATF Men East Region XC Champs
26- Georgetown Running Club
53- Philadelphia Runner/ Puma TC
68- adidas Garden State Track Club
82- Central Park TC
102- Georgetown Running Club "B"
140- adidas Garden State Track Club "B"
175- adidas Garden State Track Club "C"

Streak Continues
Douma, Schillaci, Callan Lead Women in HP5k

In an unfortunate scheduling conflict, the USAF-NJ rescheduled the 5k Women's Championship last Saturday--the day before the East Region Championships.

Luckily, some speedy ladies, unable to race Sunday, were able to rally and take care of business on Saturday.

Alyssa Douma, Sarah Schillaci, and Chelsea Callan went 15th-16th-17th place, respectively, leading the Golden Girls to a team victory.  They finished in 18:37, 18:42, and 18:43.

Finishing fourth for the team was Karen Auteri, who ran a strong race in 19:34.  Kristen Prazenica was the fifth and final scoring runner in 20:25.

Pat Butcher (22:55), Diana Angi (24:02), and Prudence Jones (30:12) all also competed for the club!

Thanksgiving Morning

The 2015 Team Championship Finale!

on-line registration closes tonight at midnight

It's coming.

Check out our Facebook group page if you have any ideas for this year's 2015 aGSTC Black Friday line of gear!!

Kyle's Corner
What do you think of when you hear the name Ted? If you guessed an alcoholic druggie teddy bear then we can't blame you but you're wrong. If you guessed the soft spoken guy on our team that has those gorgeous blonde curls and runs pretty damn fast then your right! But do you know the real Ted Doyle? He has been involved with running since he was young and now is fortunate enough to even have a job that involves it! Here's your chance to get to know him better.
Ted Doyle

Kyle: Hello Ted and thank you for joining us!
Mr. Doyle: Hey! Glad to be here.
Kyle: How has your Fall season been shaping up?
Mr. Doyle: I'd say it's been a little iffy--I was focusing on the half in Jersey City, but that didn't really work out as planned..since then, work's kinda taken over with a bunch of stuff for the NYC Marathon.
Still though, I wasn't expecting to go under 27 this past weekend!
Kyle: Congrats! So you've still been training strong even though you're busy?
Mr. Doyle: Yeah, I mean, I do as much as I can, and try to get in like 30-40 mins 4-5 times a week..could we also count soccer as speed work?
Kyle: As long as you don't end up like Ricky or Chuck have after dabbling in soccer. Tell us more about the sub 27 performance!
Mr. Doyle: Haha yeah, no worries..Going into the race, I was thinking I'd run like 27:30 at best, but then I had a good pack with Mike and Sean pulling me along through 4-5k..then from there, it was more about just trying to keep my foot on the gas for 10 or so minutes
Kyle: Are you planning on anymore races this season or are you riding it out till indoor at this point?
Mr. Doyle: Ashenfelter's always a fun one--I feel like the 8K is the best distance to race..I don't think I'm in shape to make the trip for club nationals, but maybe I'll do like one or two other road races and then shut it down.

Kyle: Ashenfelteeeerrrr. Gotta get a Turkey Day race in to be guilt free during the feast.
Mr. Doyle: Plus, gotta get that mug!
Kyle: Can't not get the mug.
So what are you doing for NY?
Mr. Doyle: I wrote/edited the media guide and worked on a lot of stuff for the marathon's web site, and then on race day I'm covering a kids' race and a story on charity runners.
Kyle: That's awesome! Have you done this before with the event?
Mr. Doyle: Yeah, in 2013 I covered a volunteer station in Queens, last year I had the same story but in Brooklyn, and now this year I think I'm mostly in Central Park.
Kyle: That's where the kids race takes place?
Mr. Doyle: Yeah, they added that this year, and it's a 3K in Central Park on Sunday morning.
Fun fact: I ran a 4K for high schoolers, also in Central Park, on Marathon Sunday in 2005..everything's coming full circle!..I also got there really late and had to start at the way back of the pack--so that "aGSTC Member Most Likely to Show Up Late But Never Miss a Race" Award I won last year was really 10 years in the making.
Kyle: That's like Marathon Sundayception right there! Run with in a run. Have you ever considered doing the full race?
Mr. Doyle: I've run 26.2 miles before, but not like, an official, organized marathon; still, it was enough to learn that 2-3 hours is a loooong time to be running! I do feel like it'd be cool to run Boston and to go past my school after Heartbreak Hill, but I'm good with 10Ks and halves for now.
Kyle: I'd have to agree with you on that last part. How was the transition from college running to club running for you?
Mr. Doyle: It took a while to get back into it--I think I didn't race from graduation until like Sept of the next year--but eventually I got to a place where I started racing more just to have fun than to run for a time.
And now it's like, I can't put in 60-70-80 mile weeks, but I'll still get out the door, because I see all the other GSTC guys in all the other enclaves putting in the work.
Kyle: How did you find out about gstc?
Mr. Doyle: I found out through Mike Rolek, who I think ran with GSTC back in its early days..he and I both grew up in Maplewood and went to the same grade school.
Kyle: Did you compete with each other in high school as well?
Mr. Doyle: Only a little--he was a senior when I was a freshman (and I was a sprinter), but there were a few meets each season where Seton Hall and St. Peter's were both there.
Kyle: How was your college running career?

Mr. Doyle: It had ups and downs, but overall I'm good with it--despite the winter, Boston's got some of the best spots to run. I'd say the two big highlights were placing 3rd as a team at New England's outdoors my junior year, and then hosting ACCs at Franklin Park in XC my senior year.
Kyle: You miss the busy Boston scene or is the Dirty Jerz keeping you entertained?
Mr. Doyle: A lot of my friends stayed up there after graduation, but having to ride the T (their subway) would keep me from ever moving back haha. It's!
Kyle: We do know how to commute well here, unless you're in a traffic jam, which happens almost daily. So you used to live in Boston near Heart Break Hill, now you work with the New York Marathon, what other big marathon could you see yourself getting involved in?
Mr. Doyle: Wasn't there one around the South Pole? I feel like that'd be pretty cool (I'm not even sure if that's pun intended), because then you could say sort of ran around the entire world
Kyle: Ooooo, good answer.
Well that's all the time we have for this week, thanks for speaking with us!
Mr. Doyle: Hey, thanks for having me! And thank you for taking the time to do this every week.
Kyle: Thanks dude!
Tune in next week to see who we interview!

By Rachel Elfoully
After taking about 3 weeks off of running due to a patella femoral injury in my right knee, I'm happy to report that I'm running again after some physical therapy. I went on a 2 mile run today with a 9:46 pace. My knee healed just in time as I have an local 5k (Constable School Turkey Trot) coming up this Saturday that I'm still hoping I can get a PR in. Now that I've started running again and I have the Disney Marathon coming up this January, I hope to run with some steady striders!

Interested in running with Rachel and the Steady Striders?   
Find and join the Facebook Group Page!

Club Results
(please email us your results and pictures...ideally you're wearing the team uniform and gear, too!)

Philly Marathon Weekend: 8k

Alfredo Santana
5th overall
New aGSTC Club record!
4:42/mile for 4.97 miles (8k)


Tim Seeley                                                                           
24:56                                                                                      Nick Crits
#7 All-Time aGSTC                                                             25:24
                                                                                               #13 All-Time aGSTC


Brianne Teichmann                                                       
 36:56 PR                                                                         Carmen Graves
                                                                        aGSTC Club Record 

Steve Warren 31:20
Lucinda Warren 39:13


Philly Marathon Weekend: HM


Maxine McInulty                                                           Diana Angi
1:31:02  PR (with her coach, Erika Meling)               1:52:18


Crystal Burnick                                                                         Cara Notarianni
78:35                                                                                            85:54- PR


                                          Joe Zeoli

Sean Stetler
69:17- PR
#8 All Time aGSTC


Steve Herring

                                                                                      Sue Lawlor               



Ann Wahba
                                                                                                   Melissa Hill

Philly Marathon Weekend: Full



Tara Lobianco
3:27:51                                                                       Kelly Thow
PR, Boston Qualifier                                                  3:38:44



Steve Morgan                                                              Emelia Perry
2:45:19 PR, Club debut                                               3:11:26


Joe Mummert
3:02:24- PR, Boston Qualifier

                                                                                                 Sean Donohue
                                                                                                2:34:39, PR   #6 All Time aGSTC


                       Jess Byrnes
  Anne Balfour                                                            3:38:33, Boston Qualifier
  3:34:58, Boston Qualifier

Iain Ridgeway                                                                 Heather McDermott
2:45:21                                                                            3:44:24

                              She has no Facebook!   Ahhh!

Stephanie Edwards                                                        Jenny Poherence
4:32:49, 1st Marathon                                                    4:12:45             

Race to Deliver 4 Miler  

Out in NYC, Aya Leitz (26:55) , Karl Leitz (27:59), and Kristin Petillo (29:21) competed in the Race to Deliver 4 Miler.  Living up to the race name, they delivered.


Brogan 3rd at Jets 5k
Florham Park Enclaver Kyle Brogan was third in the Jets 5k, running 18:07.  Although he's coming off a three-week injury, he should have known not much good would come out of a race held by a lousy football team.


A Message from the President
Keep an eye out for our aGSTC Black Friday sale at week's end! 

2015 adidas GSTC
Fall Racing Schedule
11/26 USATF-NJ 8k Championships
12/12 USATF National Club XC Championships @ San Francisco


Team event this weekend:

Ashenfelter 8k
Glen Ridge, NJ 9am

Sunday, December 6 
9:00am Team Run- Buccleuch Park
11:00am- Leadership Team Meeting

All are welcome
Come see what the $%^& we talk about in LT meetings...and help us make decisions for the club!

Peter's Puzzler 
Peter Bolgert is an esteemed member of the club who was on the DMR that won the club national title in 2013 for the aGSTC.  A former Marquette standout in the steeplechase, he is now halfway through a PhD program in the plasma physics department at Princeton University.  In hopes to raise the intellectual rigor to the club's weekly email, he designs weekly puzzlers to sharpen the wit, acumen, and intellect of the club...while wearing this onesey.

This one is a quickie, and a stinker. You'll slap yourself when you read the answer. 

What mathematical symbol can be placed between 5 and 9, to get a number greater than 5 and smaller than 9?

Anis Angle
Mike Anis is an aging cranky, albeit beloved and long-standing member of the club who takes great pride in his beard and his onesey.  In full transparency, we should probably also add he's never been asked to write an angle.  We just do it for him.

I used to slap myself.  Now, I just caress my beard.

Answer: decimal point.  5.9


Quotes of the Week
"Belmont Plateau: where men turn to boys." -Brendan Conway, FB page

"P.S.- I Finally met Mike Anis at the expo in Philly last weekend and I am a huge fan. Great beard!"  -Carmen Graves, via email

"It's never a good sign when a course has three hills with names."  -Peter Bolgert, regarding the Belmont Plateau course

"Let's do this every year."  -President of the Georgetown Running Club

"I am doing a presentation at the national convention next week.  Could you tell me how your club grew so much, and what advice you would give to other clubs that hope to grow?"  -President of the CPTC

aGSTC Runs
Type caption text here.
Check your Facebook Enclave group pages for regional group runs!  They are happening often now!

"I couldn't find my uniform"

Pictures of the Week
Interested in track?  The sprint group meets every Monday, and soon it will be every Saturday (10:00am) and Monday (5:30pm) at Highland Park HS.

They used to train on the Rutgers IM Fields.

Here are the top three finishers of the 350m time trial on Monday.

We recommend using this pickup line the next time you go out.

Steady Striders
Do you run 9-12 minute mile pace on your runs?

Come join the aGSTC Steady Striders!  They have their own Facebook Group Page, coach, and group runs.  Email and we will introduce you to our two co-captains!

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