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(10/13-10/19): Big Weekend with Big Results

October 26
8k XC Championships

And here's the Top Ten Reasons....One More Time

10.  Raffle for free team gear after the race: hoodies, shirts, and bumper stickers!
9.  We will break (our own) USATF-NJ record for most points set in one year!!! 
8.  Since every team of five finishers scores two points, everyone can help us break it.
7.  It's a new course!  
6.  It's just $15.  That's it!  
5.  We will be selling team a limited amount of team hoodies, shirts, and bumper stickers!
4.  This is your first chance to wear your new adidas uniform!
3.  Free food!  See #1.
2.  It's cross country season.  So let's run a cross country race.
1.  Team potluck afterward!  The club will pitch in with a few six foot subs!

Adidas Uniform Pick-Up Process
For those that ordered an adidas uniform, they will be here before the 10/26 race.  If you are in the North, Morristown, Jersey City, Summit, or Brooklyn Enclaves, you will pick them up at the Sneaker Factory in Florham Park.  

If you are in the Central, Princeton, Beach, South, or Delaware Enclaves, you will pick them up at Runner's High in Metuchen.

More updates to come upon uniform arrival.

2014 USATF-NJ Grand Prix
Current Standings

1. adidas Garden State Track Club - 353 + 118 + 65 = 536
2. Clifton - 243 + 77 + 54 = 374
3. Do Run Runners - 180 + 67 + 46 = 293
4. Shore A.C. - 162 + 79 + 28 = 269
5. Raritan Valley - 150 + 69 + 42 = 261
6. North Jersey Masters - 188 + 8 + 58 = 254
7. Garmin Runners - 170 + 44 + 19 = 233
8. Central Jersey - 79 + 19 + 27 = 125
9. Rose City - 64 + 4 + 0 = 68
10. Sneaker Factory - 50 + 0 + 12 = 62
11. Essex/Fleet Feet - 41 + 0 + 10 = 51
12. Morris County Striders - 17 + 27 + 0 = 44
13. Pearl Izumi - 6 + 0 + 0 = 6

The aGSTC Fall Racing Schedule.
October 26: USATF-NJ 8k Cross Country Championships (all divisions)
November 9: Giralda 10k (masters men)
November 27: Ashenfelter 8k (masters, open men)
December 13: USATF Club XC National Championships (Lehigh University)

aGSTC Training Plan: 

Questions about the team fall training plan?

You can contact them at them at ken_goglas@hotmail.com or michael.fonder@gmail.com.

If you'd like to have access to the Google doc, please sign the team waiver/form here.


Kyle's Korner

by Kyle Price


Kyle's Korner is a segment of the Club's weekly email that will focus on reacquainting you with a different current club member each week. We will catch you up on how they are doing with regards to their training, their lives, and other general nonsense. This segment intends to be informative and educational while attempting humor in a purely inoffensive way. Mostly.


This week on Kyle's Korner we interview everyone's favorite hurdling sweetheart, Erin LaCosta. She has been with the club a couple years, has made some big strides in her particular events, and is already looking to branch out into some new territory so see what else she can excel at.

Erin wins the 400IH at the Ramapo Invitational in March, 2014. 



Kyle: Good evening Erin, thank you for joining us!

Ms. LaCosta: Thank you for having me!

Kyle: It's always nice to have a pretty lady in my korner. We often see posts from you in the Facebook group introducing new members. What is your official position in the club?

Ms. LaCosta: I am a co-captain of our sprint group!

Kyle: Aah and what does that entail?

Ms. LaCosta: Basically I make sure people know when and where practices are going to be, arrange rides, and answer new members' questions about the club. It's a lot of randomly Facebook messaging people!

Kyle: Sounds like a good way to speed date. So you're kind of the sprinting shepherd?

Ms. LaCosta: Sprinting shepherd more than a speed dater id say. Although we are sprinters! (Get it???)

Kyle: No :/

Ms. LaCosta: Oh man that's awkward don't put this in the final draft lol

SPEED daters....sprinters are speedy....it's..punny?

Kyle: I only do one take

Ms. LaCosta: Ugh. It's time to up the budget.

Kyle: I get a budget?! WHY WASNT I TOLD CHUCK!?
Speaking of things we were or weren't told, I seem to remember hearing you were going to attempt cross country but we haven't seen you much.

Ms. LaCosta: I ran a 5-k today!!

Kyle: How'd it go?

Ms. LaCosta: It was great! I PRed by 62 seconds and came in first for the women!

Kyle: That is great! Congratulations! You ever think of moving to a longer distance focus? Those hurdle skills of yours could do well in a steeplechase for example.

Ms. LaCosta: I think that'd be awesome! But this year I already decided to move to the 800. So, one step at a time.

Kyle: The long sprint. It's a beast of a race but you're used to the 4IM and it's a similar effort.

Ms. LaCosta: So I've heard!!!

Kyle: I think you could do very well at it. Looking to go Millrose this year?

Ms. LaCosta: Ah yes that'd be great!! I'm nervous to run the 800 indoor though.

Kyle: Personally I prefer it indoor. Why the nerves?

Ms. LaCosta: Honestly just because it's 4 laps instead of 2. I'm sure I'll get over it soon.

Kyle: Exactly the reason I like it more ha.

What has been your favorite GSTC experience so far?

Ms. LaCosta: Oh wow that's a tough one.

There are too many!!

Kyle: This better not be black and yellow nosing. How about a top three rundown?

Ms. LaCosta: Track nationals was really amazing because I PRed in two races and some how split a good 400 time in a medley that I got thrown into at the end, and it was just really awesome to see the guys win and every thing from my first year with the team come full circle. It was super inspiring honestly.

Ah yay I get two more ok so deer path last year was really amazing because I hadn't run a cross country race since middle school, andddd finally Olive Garden with some of the team in Boston was a hilarious experience.

Kyle: I'm going to have to ask for an elaboration on this Boston Olive Garden.

Ms. LaCosta: So I was with Mike Brito, Haleigh Simon, Alexis Mbakwe and Jean LeBlanc (random group right??) but we had driven up together and needed dinner so we hit up an Olive Garden. We decided to put our phones in the middle of the table so we have real conversations. That was a great decision because we actually did have great conversations and I just remember not being able to stop laughing for way too long about something I think that Brito said about hockey. And my eggplant was on point so, it was a good night.

Kyle: Good friends, good laughs, and good eggplant. Sounds lovely. 
Well I thank you for taking the time to speak with us Erin.

Ms. LaCosta: Thank you Kyle, always a pleasure to talk with you!

Kyle: My my, you know how to make a young host blush.

Tune in next week to see who we interview! 






 Gold Star

Welcoming New Members into the Family


Joe Meehan

by Ashwin Anantharaman

Joe joined GSTC because he was looking was looking for some fast people run and race with. He saw the depth that GSTC had and knew that he would fit in well. He brings a pre meet routine of eating a large pie of pizza the day before a meet(yes all 8 slices). It must be a great pre meet routine because he brings a lot of versatility and fast times to GSTC that make him a strong candidate to be on the GSTC National XC team. If he could train with one person it would be Chris Solinsky. Solinsky, the American 10k record holder, is amazing to watch. Joe saw Solinsky break the American 10k record live during his freshmen year of college while trying to write a paper. He obviously realizes that running is way more important than school so there is no doubt that he will fit in well with GSTC. If he was running with Solinsky, you could probably find him at his favorite course Desales University. Desales is a challenging course and the first mile is straight up a giant hill but once you get to the top you look everything and fly down! There is no doubt Joe is a great addition to GSTC.

Regina Wang
By Bri Teichmann

Regina is the newest lady to join the GSTC.  An addition to the Princeton Enclave, Regina recently picked up running again at the end of February after taking off pretty much all of her college career.  She ran the Rutgers Unite half-marathon with a time of 1:41.01 in April, completed a half-ironman in early September with her half-marathon time at 1:47.11, and is all signed up and ready to race the Princeton half on November 2!  She's definitely looking to have a faster half in Princeton and would like to complete a marathon at some point, perhaps the Philly one.

Regina ran varsity cross country and track from her sophomore year through senior year in high school.  At that point she had a mile time of 5:40, 2-mile time of 11:58 and a 5k XC time of 19:35

When she's not running, Regina's got a lot of awesome stuff going on!  Right now she's working for an environmental nonprofit as a research fellow and she's a huge fan of the outdoors, including backpacking, skiing, kayaking and of course running outdoors.  She once spent 7 weeks in Vermont backcountry without showering or any of real signs of civilization.  She loves to travel, as well!  She got her scuba certification on a semester abroad in Cape Town and snorkeled almost every day last summer when she was working for an environmental nonprofit on a Greek island. 


Two more fun facts about Regina -- She used to play the bassoon and she completed a Tough Mudder in July!  Welcome aboard, Regina!  



Sunday Team Run, 9am: Princeton Running Company


108 Nassua Street, Princeton 08542


Our team run will be hosted jointly by TomTom GPS and Princeton Running Company. Representative Mike Anis, will have 10-12 TomTom GPS running watches for those in attendance to use on the run! There will be Chocolate Milk, Gatorade and granola bars for those in attendance!

Give yourself 5-10 minutes to park and walk over to the store.





Sallade 3rd Masters at 

Steamtown Marathon   

Sallade finishing 2nd masters at the College Ave Mile

Scranton, PA:  Forty-two year old Chris Sallade continued his strong 2014 year of racing, as the Princeton resident finished 3rd masters, and 17th overall, in 2:43:57 at the Steamtown Marathon.


Averaging 6:15 a mile, the former Princeton miler, who finished 2nd masters at the College Ave Mile months ago, was the first GSTC'er across the finish line on the streets of Scranton.


This effort tops his 2013 Boston Marathon performance, where Sallade ran the challenging course in 2:48:23.


Later that year, Sallade ran the JFK 50 Miler in 6:35:57, good for 12th overall.



Lindenaur PRs at MHRM

Schehectdy, NY:  Jon Lindenaur had a huge breakthrough race this weekend, running 2:40:03 at the the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon.  Finishing 11th overall, his effort was a 6:00 all-time PR, landing him #6 on the all-time aGSTC marathon list.






Ward Debuts in 2:35


Chicago- Tradelle Ward, a former middle distance star at Duke, debuted in the marathon this weekend, running 2:35:13 at the Chicago Marathon.  Rolling through the 10k at 37:37, he went through the opening half at 78:25--meaning he had a fantastic negative split on the backend.


His performance puts him at aGSTC #5 all-time.  To the left, he is seen running with GSTC'er Josh Neyhart in the armory.  Hopefully we'll see them both in the same color uniform soon!



#SouthEnclave's Cooper PRs in Chicago

Adam Cooper also ran a PR this weekend, finishing the Chicago Marathon in 3:13:24.  

We need to get an adidas uniform on this guy!

The Big List
2:26:45          Mike Dixon                 Philadelphia Marathon       November 20, 2011

2:28:24          Mike Fonder              Boston Marathon                 April 15, 2013

2:29:40          Ken Goglas                 New York City Marathon    November 6, 2011

2:34:18          Mike Anis                   Boston Marathon                 April 21, 2014

2:35:13          Tradelle Ward           Chicago Marathon               October 12, 2014

2:40:03          Jon Lindenaur          Mohawk Hudson River        October 12, 2014

2:41:13          Stephen Comanto     New Jersey Marathon         May 5, 2013

2:41:14          Peter Bolgert             Milwaukee Lakefront          October 6, 2013

2:43:49          Shawn D'Andrea       Philadelphia Marathon       November 18, 2012

2:43:57          Chris Sallade              Steamtown Marathon         October 12, 2014

2:44:03          Bryan McDonnell      Philadelphia Marathon       November 17, 2013

2:47:15          Will Appman              Boston Marathon                 April 21, 2014

2:48:05           James Lothian            Philadelphia Marathon       November 18, 2012

2:48:13           Ken Walsh                 Philadelphia Marathon       November 18, 2012


Auteri PRs, Wins Age Group

 Scranton, PA-  North Enclave captain Karen Auteri won her age group this weekend at the Steamtown Marathon, running a 3:30 personal best upon crossing the finish line in 3:05:55.  

It was the second fastest marathon run by an aGSTC women.

Averaging 7:06 pace for the 26.2 miles, she finished 116th overall.  



Men's co-captain Mike Fonder, a co-author of the aGSTC Fall Training Plan along with Ken Goglas, coached Auteri through her breakthrough marathon--a plan she followed extremely closely.  After the race, Fonder confided to the Weekly Email, "Karen's performance reflects the hard work and resolve she puts in day in and day out training for the marathon.  It's great to be able to collaborate with such a tenacious runner!"


Erika Meling and Lindsey McKee also ran the race.  Meling finished in 3:13:01, good for third in her age group, while McKee finished in 4:23:01.


Results are here.



Angi PRs with 4:27


Chicago- Diana Angi ran a 3:11 personal best on the streets of Chicago this weekend, as she crossed the finish line in 4:26:27.


Sounds like she owned it, indeed!


Congrats, Diana!




Hersey Runs 3:28 in Chicago


Chicago- Masters runner Sarah Hersey ran an excellent race Sunday, finishing the Chicago Marathon in 3:28:55.  The 41-year-old went through the half marathon mark at 1:42:14, eventually leading her to an 84th place in her age group.


Way to go, Sarah!




The Big List

2:57:02          Katie Chaput             Philadelphia Marathon       November 17, 2013

3:05:55           Karen Auteri              Steamrtown Marathon       October 12, 2014

3:06:16           Erika Meling              Wineglass Marathon           October 6, 2013

3:16:20           Erin Higgins               Eugene Marathon               April 27, 2013

3:18:06          Leah Roberts              Vermont Marathon            May 25, 2014

3:20:33           Ingrid Garofalo          Boston Marathon               April 15, 2013

3:21:29          Kristin Cupido           Marine Corps Marathon     October 27, 2013

3:23:34          Jennifer Lucas           NJ Marathon                        April 27, 2014

3:24:17          Courtney Stanton      Chicago Marathon               October 13, 2013

3:24:38          Tiff Schwartz             Chicago Marathon               October 13, 2013

3:25:32          Jill Zablocki                 Philadelphia Marathon       November 18, 2012


Reilly Finishes First Half Marathon


New team member Andrea Reilly finished her first half marathon last weekend, competing in the Cincinatti Queen Bee Half Marathon this past weekend.  She ran 1:4612...check out the sweet medal!



aGSTC Trio Win at Shades of Death

Allamuchy- A trio of aGSTC'ers swept gold medals at the Shades of Death event, a USATF-NJ 500-point category 3 race.


Atilla The Run Sabahoglu won the half marathon, cruising to victory in a solid 73:53.  He averaged 5:38s, edging out masters superstar Rich Burke, who was second in 74:19.


Cheyenne Ogletree won the women's race in a comfortable 1:27:24, a 6:40 pace for the 13.1 miles.


Tom Visicaro won the 6.66 mile race with a big cushion, averaging 5:54 miles to win in 39:18.




Prudence Jones also ran the 6.66, finishing in 1:13:24, while Ana Caro also completed the half marathon--but her name isn't in the results.


Either way, there she is, to the left, showing off her finisher's medal!




Parisen PRs in Plainfield

Plainfield- Half miler Mark Parisen PRed Saturday in Plainfield, as he finished second in the Queen City 5k.  He actually was set to finish fourth, but the top two runners took a wrong turn--not something we recommend in Plainfield--and finished the race in world record time of twelve minutes.  For his efforts, Parisen won $50 of prize money for his 17:29 effort.



Sandora's 5k's: This Week, We Remembered

For whatever reason, we have forgotten Brittany Sandora's last two results.  But this time, how about this: we remembered!


Last weekend, she scampered a 5k in the glorious town of Pitman in 19:15.  This weekend, she finished the Mt. Ephraim 5k, sponsored by the Rotary Club, in 19:05. Both times qualify her to compete at club nationals for the aGSTC, as the standard is 19:45.



Rivers, second to left, and Salge, center.



Rivers, Salge Win at Home

Stockton- Nicole Salge won the Stockton Alumni Legacy Fund 5k race this weekend, lowering her season best to 19:25.  Teammate Lisa Jones was just behind her, running 19:46 for second.  


On the men's side, James Rivers ran quite well, edging out Rich Luettchau for the overall win, 16:20-16:24.  High jumper Joe Mineo ran yet another 5k, this time finishing third overall in 19:06.  




 Varga Wins 40-44 AG

Erin Varga won her age group at the Carlos Negron 5k last weekend.


The aGSTC masters women co-captain ran 25:01.


She is pictured here, on the right, on the final straightaway.





Eder Wins EB 5k

 Matt Eder rolled to a huge solo win at the East Brunswick 5k, winning by almost 3:00 in 16:13.


Masters Eric Davis finished third, as he continues to have an outstanding fall season for the black and gold.



Rutgers Running Club Finishes 7th 

The Rutgers Running Club, coached and supported by the aGSTC, opened up their season this weekend at the Princeton Running Club Invitational at the Princeton University cross-country course.  


As a group, they finished 7th overall with 210 points.


From left to right, the team comprised of David Fett (30:00), Robert Klink (30:09), James Surico (29:52), Ryan Degregorio (30:11), and Conor O'Brien (31:24).


They will all be gearing up wearing black and gold next weekend at the USATF-NJ 8k Championships.



Black Finishes Second


Princeton- Ally Black opened up her season with an impressive second place finish yesterday at the PRC Invitational.  In her first 6k, the Rutgers frosh ran 22:56--just fifteen seconds of the winner, Emily Schuldiner, from the PRC.


Black will be wearing black in two weeks at the USATF-NJ 8k Championships with the rest of the Rutgers athletes.



Rousseau Wins, Solos a Sub-16

Woodland Park- Halff miler Jaris Rousseau had a huge breakout performance this weekend, winning the Woodland Park 5k in 15:51.  Not only is this his first win of a major road race, it is also he first time going under the 5k mark.


                  LaCosta Wins Spooky 5k

Somerville-Erin Lacosta won her first major road race Saturday, running 21:28 to win the Spooky Sprint 5k in her hometown.  She PR'ed by sixty-two seconds, finishing 20th overall.  Her new nickname is now Spooky.


Trio Competes at Collura
Three club members competed at the Matt Collura 5k this weekend.  Ashwin Anantharaman was 2nd overall in 17:06, Dan Teichmann was fourth overall in 18:24, and Bri Teichmann was 2nd in her 22-29 age group, running 24:28 for the silver medal.




Steinman PRs in DC

Washington DC- Anna Steinman, in one of her final preparations before the NYC Marathon in November, ran a huge ten mile PR this weekend in the Army 10 Miler.  She ran 66:20, good for #5 on the all-time GSTC list.




aGSTC All-Time List, 10 Miles

1:01:33          Michelle Brangan      Broad Street                         May 4, 2014

1:03:21           Robyn Evangelist      Broad Street                         May 4, 2014

1:03:38           Brittany McCann       Broad Street                         May 4, 2014

1:04:07           Angela Dunn              Broad Street                         May 4, 2014

1:06:20           Anna Steinman          Army Ten Miler                   October 12, 2014






Pontecorvo Runs SI Half

Staten Island- Victoria Pontecorvo ran 1:29:54 this weekend in the Staten Island Half Marathon this weekend.  She was the 26th woman finish, but 3rd in her age group, as she averaged 6:52 a mile for the NYRR race.



 Licorish Finishes 2nd 

Lizzy Licorish finished second to teammate Brittamy Sandora this weekend in the Mt. Ephraim 5k.  She ran a good race, finishing at 22:31--thus averaging 7:13 a mile.  




Help Out Our New Sprint Coach!

South Jersey- Everyone, please meet Cardwell Wootten III, aGSTC's new South Enclave sprint coach.  Current working with several club members already, he is "looking forward to becoming part of the Garden State family" after months of discussions with the club, its leaders, and its athletes.

He is currently coaching athletes Tuesday and Thursday nights at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School from 5:00-6:30 and Sundays from 1-3 at the same location.


A former head coach of four different schools, he now trains high school, college, and post-collegiate athletes as a free agent in and around the greater Philly area.  His specialities are the jumps, hurdles, and sprints.

And, he is actively pursuing a grant to win for his athletes, so let's help him out!  

Vote for him here! 





Fall Enclave Team Runs
North Enclave
Monday 5:45p @ 40 Corning Ave, Pompton Lakes (please email pauteri@verizon.net if interested in doing any Pompton Lakes group runs)
Wednesday 5:45p @ 40 Corning Ave
Thursday 6:00p @ Montclair Fleet Feet 
Saturday  8:00a @ 40 Corning

Central Enclave
Monday 5:30 @ Rutgers Student Center
Monday 5:30 @ Donaldson Park (sprinters/half milers)
Tuesday 5:30 @ RSC 
Wednesday 5:30 @ RSC
Thursday 5:30 @ RSC
Friday 4:00 @ RSC
Saturday 10:00am @ Donaldson Park (sprinters/half milers)

Morristown Enclave
Wednesday 6:15p @ Morristown Running Company
Saturday 9:00a @ Morristown Running Company
Jersey City Enclave
Thursday 7pm @ Hoboken Running Company
Saturday 8:30 @ Hoboken Running Company 
Sunday 9:00a @ Pier A, Hoboken
South Enclave
Monday 5:30pm @ Elk Township Trail
Wednesday 7:15 @ Gloucester County College
Wednesday 6:30 @ Haddonfield Running Company
Saturday 9:00am @ TDA w/ Beach Enclave
Beach Enclave
Wednesday 6:00pm @  Point Pleasant Borough High School
(808 Laura Herbert Dr, Pt Pleasant Boro, NJ 08742)

Princeton Enclave
Wednesday 5:30pm @ Turning Basin (on Alexander Road)

Summit Enclave
Saturday 8am @ Summit Running Company
Brooklyn Enclave

Delaware Enclave
SUNDAY RUN: Princeton Running Company

Mondays (5:30) at the Busch Intramural Fields at Rutgers University

Saturdays (10:00am) at Donaldson Park in Highland Park.

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The GSTC Weekly Email is a collaborative effort to bring club membership an accurate and entertaining update on all team events, runs, results, workouts, quotes, and even mishaps every Sunday night.  It is also often referred to as "The Email" or, by more prominent members of the running community, "error-fraught spam."  If you'd like to submit anything that would contribute to any of these sections, please email us!  



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