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(12/8-12/14): USATF National XC Championships Preview


Another on-time communication from the
adidas Garden State Track Club.

aGSTC Heads to Nationals
With Record Numbers

Bethlehem- As the club finishes its first year under its three year adidas contract, it incontrovertibly brings the best men's and women's open teams in club history to the USATF Club National XC Championships starting line.  It also brings its first masters men and women teams, both which are deep and talented.  Indeed, the club is poised to have its finest day ever in all four team races.

That said, it is a daunting task to make a podium finish.  The open races, every year, showcase some of the best distance runners in America, many of them Olympians or World Championship qualifiers.  Last year, for example, USA mile record holder Alan Webb (3:46) competed.  However, many of these "clubs" are just fleeting all-star teams, renting runners for the weekend, efforts by regional groups to snag the big team prize money.  

For example, last year's men's champion, Champion's League Athletic Performance
, and the women's champions, Beasts TC, did not compete the year before they won...and did not register a team in 2014, the year after their win.  Furthermore, it is hard to compare times with different courses, as it is hard to compare team finishes from year to another.  Almost every team finished in the top ten in 1999; in 2014, it will take a Herculean task to do so.  Thus, the metrics of comparing clubs, times, and team places over the event's sixteen year history can be a slippery slope.  

The one tangible club metric, however, is the number of participants.   As the far below data shows, Seattle's Club Northwest has the all-time highest number of total men and women open athletes compete at the national championships, when they had 34 in 2011, with Oregon-based Bowerman Track Club at second all-time with 30 in 2008.  The aGSTC, with three men's teams and two women's teams, had 29 finishers last year--tied for third overall all-time.

This year, however, the Black and Gold are set to establish a new national Gold Standard.  With five teams of open men and three teams of open women, the club is set to break four USATF records:  most total runners, most total open teams, most women teams, and most men teams.  In the event's growing sixteen year history, no club has ever brought a women's "C Team,"and no club has ever had a men's "D Team" or "E Team."  In terms of total numbers, the Gold will bring 37 men and 19 women to the starting line.  Fifty-six finishers would nearly double the previous biggest open roster.

In 2013, the aGSTC broke a similar national USATF record.  Not only did they win the USATF Club National Track and Field Title--the did it by breaking the meet record for most points scored.  

While most everyone on the muddy fields of Bethlehem will be excitedly talking about teams and places and times in a few days, they will also be a new talking point in 2014: the record-breaking talent and depth of New Jersey's running team, the adidas Garden State Track Club.

See the event website here.

Masters Women: Stacked Five Deep 
Kaspszyk at the USATF-NJ 5k Championships
The aGSTC W40's team is typically pretty good, with the state's best masters lady, Michelle Brangan, front-running like usual.  However, for this first time in club history, this group will move from good to great.  

Brangan has finally shaken off some early-season injuries and is fit and sharp.  The 44-year-old, who has run a sizzling 18:18 earlier in the year, will now be flanked by several equally talented teammates.  Locky Trachsel, a lawyer and mother of three, has had an equally impressive fall season, running 1:28 and 3:04 for a half and full marathon, respectively--the latter which is a 83% PLP performance.   Martha Grinnell, slowly overcoming an early-fall injury, is a former All-American for Springfield College and four-time member of the 
US Pro Triathlon World Championship Team.  She has missed some time, but she should be fit enough to be quite competitive come Saturday morning.  Sandi Kaspszyk, a long-time club member, has been consistently running 19-20 minute 5ks, as has Lisa Rumer, a new runner making her debut for the Black and Gold.  Pat Butcher, whose 90 days transfer wait will be five seven days short, will run as alone on the club's W50s team.

Masters women score the top three runners.

Masters Men:  Deep in Numbers
Sallade at the College Ave Mile
Masters captain Matt Baker has helped assemble one of NJ's strongest 40s team in USATF-NJ history, and their finish will surely turn heads come Saturday morning.

The top finisher of the group will most likely be Joe Pawlish, an Ocean Township native, has run 16:32 this fall and has a decorated career since competing for Franklin and Marshall.  Chris Sallade, a former Princeton standout with a 2:43 marathon under his belt this fall, will most likely be on his shoulder during the 10k race that has over six hundred entered.  His friend and training partner Justin Feil also figures to crack the team's top five.

Hernan Rozemburg, also a sub-17 5k guy from Jersey City, will most likely be in the group's top three, as he has also had a solid racing season.  Dan Shea and John Montgomery, both owners of 80:xx half marathons this year, will be pressing hard to break the team's top five, as will Andrew Tschesnok--who ran 17:30 last week.  Wes Cole and Nick Van Langen will round out the loaded roster that hopes for a top ten finish.

Baker and Don Weise will be running in the aGSTC's M50's team, as masters men score their top five finishers, as per USATF rules.

Open Women: Sub-18 Crew Ready to Roll
Douma at Ashenfelter
Cheyenne Ogletree
and Greta Sieve, both in mid-17:00 shape, are fit and ready to lead the Ladies in Gold to their finest team finish in club history.  Ogletree has been in 17:30 shape for the last two national championships, but a big difference this year: she has another teammate who is, too, in Sieve.

Robyn Evangelist has a ton of momentum heading into the race, fresh off an 8k PR at Rothman weeks ago.  So does Ally Black, who just won the Big Chill in 18:22 days ago--in a GSTC sweatshirt looking comfortable the entire race.   Alyssa Douma has been improving every week and, after a fast Ashenfelter performance, is ready to finally break through in Bethlehem.

Chelsea Callan, who dipped under 18:00 six weeks ago, has been fighting a strong cold for the better part of a month.  With antibiotics this week, she should be close to her old self come race day.    Alyssa Vassallo, making her aGSTC debut, will round out the star-studded A-Team of sub-18 5k ladies.  Vassallo, a NJ native,  just recently finished 5th at NIRCA Nationals for North Carolina and is thus very race sharp right now.

Open Men: A Great Team Against a Great Field
This group is, far and away, the best A Team any NJ club has ever assembled.  But here's the problem: the competition, six hundred runners strong, has never been deeper.  

Youssef Rochdi will most likely be the front runner, as he's had a banner year this fall since joining the Black and Gold.  His most recent race, a sizzling course record 24:24 at Ashenfelter, suggests a big performance from him come Saturday.  Chris Johnson and Chris Warren. both breaking 25:00 at the Paul Short 8k Invite in early October, will both most likely be in the top three.  Warren is the club record holder in the 5k (14:32), and Johnson was the team's #1 last year in Bend.  

If history repeats itself, the ever-reliable Mike Fonder 
and Ken Goglas will mostly round out the team's top five.  However, upstart mohawk man Kyle Price upended them both at Ashenfelter, while trickster Steve Ellwood
's fitness has also reached an impressive level.

USATF Club XC Nationals: 
The Numbers

34- Club Northwest (2011)
30- Bowerman Track Club (2008)
Sieve and Rochdi after winning the Ashenfelter individual titles
29- aGSTC (2013)
29- Club Northwest (2013)
28- Team Good River (2007)
25- Boulder Running Club (2011)
23- Georgetown Running Company (2012)
23- Bowerman Track Club (2011)
22- New Balance Boston (2013)
22- Genesee Valley RR (2005)

aGSTC (2013)
Boulder Running Company (2011)
Columbus Running Club (2012)
Club Northwest (2013, 2011)
Fila Track West (1999)
Greater Boston TC (2010)
Impalas (2011, 2006, 2002)
New Balance Boston (2013, 2010)
NYAC (2009)
Spokane Swifts (2008)

MEN B TEAMS                                                                    MEN C TEAMS
aGSTC (2013, 2012)                                                            aGSTC (2013)
Atlanta Track Club (2009)                                                Club Northwest (2012)
Big River Running Company (2007)                              Team Good River (2007, 2006)
Boulder Running Company (2011, 2009)                           
Bowerman Track Club (2013, 2012, 2008)              
Central Oregon Running Klub (2013)
Club Northwest (2013, 2012)
Columbus Running Company (2009)
Georgetown Running Company (2012, 2011)
Genesee Valley RR (2012, 2005)
Kansas City Smoke (2010)
Manhattan Track Club (2008)
Nike Farm Team (2002)
Playmakers New Balance Elite (2012)
Run n Fun (2012)
Seattle Running Club (2011)
Sports Warriors Track Club (2011)
Team Good River (2007, 2006)
Team Kentucky (2009)
Team XO (2004)
Transports (2004)
Universal Sole (2005)

Open Men
Men's A:  Steven Ellwood, Mike Fonder, Ken Goglas, Chris Johnson, Kyle Price, Youssef Rochdi, Chris Warren

Men's B:  Mike Anis, Mike Eder, Will Griffin, Josh Neyhart, Rob Nihen, Chris Schneider, Tradelle Ward

Men's C:  Peter Bolgert, Ted Doyle, Jarrett Kunze, Joe Meehan, Adin Mickle, James Rivers, Joe Zeoli

Men's D: Will Appman, Corey Caplan, Arquimedes DeLaCruz, Sean Donohue, Steve Jackson, Jon Lindenauer, Nick Murphy

Men's E Team:  Will Alston, Adam Gruchasz, Edsel Flores, Wismith Francois, Mark Minervini, Joe Mummert, Mark Parisen, Jaris Rousseau, 

Open Women
Women's A Team:  Aly Black, Chelsea Callan, Alyssa Douma, Robyn Evanhelist, Cheyenne Ogletree, Greta Sieve, Alyssa Vassallo

Women's B Team:  Aimee Chegwidden, Angela Dunn, Lisa Jones, Erika Meling, Nicole Salge, Anna Steinman

Women's C Team:  Karen Auteri, Meghan Bruce, Christina Chafos, Erin LaCosta, Carrie Merritt, Jackie Rizzo

Masters Men
Men's A Team:  Matt Baker, Wes Cole, Justin Freil, John Montgomery, Joe Pawlish, Hernan Rozemburg, Chris Sallade, Dan Shea, Andrew Tschesnok, Nick VanLangen

Masters Women
Women's A Team:  Michelle Brangan, Pat Butcher, Martha Grinnell, Sandi Kaspszyk, Lisa Rumer, Locky Trachsel

aGSTC Holiday Shopping

Saturday Practices
Every Saturday morning at 10:00am, the aGSTC hosts practice at Highland Park High School.  This picture was from the group three weekends ago.  All ages and abilities are encouraged to join us...get in the work, regardless of the weather.  And in a few weeks, we will have a snowblower.  No excuses!

Sneaker Factory- Florham Park


Every purchase you get a discount, and the GSTC gets 10% of what you spend!



Please consider donating your old uniforms.  We are short for track season!


Save the Dates
Saturday, December 13: USATF Club National Championships
Saturday, January 24: aGSTC Awards Banquet
Sunday, March 1:  Road Relays V


aGSTC Training Plan
Questions about the team fall training plan?
You can contact them at them at or
If you'd like to have access to the Google doc, please sign the team waiver/form here.


Kyle's Korner


Kyle's Korner is a segment of the Club's weekly email that will focus on reacquainting you with a different current club member each week. We will catch you up on how they are doing with regards to their training, their lives, and other general nonsense. This segment intends to be informative and educational while attempting humor in a purely inoffensive way. Mostly.


This week on Kyle's Korner we had a little chat with someone who could be considered the face of the club if only he were a bit more talkative. Seen at practically every club event since he has joined, and always working hard whether it be in a workout, on a run, or flying solo, Edsel Flores did his fair share of talking with us about how his season has been going.


Edsel, foreground, finishing second at last weekend's Big Chill.

Kyle: Buenos tardes Edsel. Thank you for joining us.

Senor Flores: Pleasure to be here.

Kyle: So I hear you had a dynamite performance at The Big Chill.

Senor Flores: It was a lot of fun, my time was 16:54 and I got second place overall.

Kyle: How close is that to your PR?

Senor Flores: My PR is about 13 seconds faster than what I ran yesterday16:41.

Kyle: But that's still a pretty impressive time; and not too long after a huge PR at Ashenfelter right?

Senor Flores: That's right, I had a huge PR at Ashenfelter. My legs were feeling it for three days. It was the first time I went under 28 so that was a great day for me. The Big Chill was still a great day for me too, I ran great and seeing how many toys the unfortunate are getting this year made it all worth it.

Kyle: Tearing up the roads and caring about children. Ladies I have his address.

So your road to Lehigh has been going to plan?

Senor Flores: Lol. I'm not going to Lehigh.

Kyle: Noo? No E team? It's your team!

Senor Flores: Never mind yeah I am. It's going to be exciting! And after that I'm taking off for a week.

Kyle: And a sense of humor! Well you've had an amazing long season so you've earned a week of rest. Any big plans for track to follow up this XC season?

Senor Flores: Yeah break 2 in the 8, PR in the 15, and run like hell in any 4x4 Chuck puts me in the last minute of meets lol.

Kyle: He is pretty well known for last minute relay additions. What's your favorite event?

Senor Flores: My favorite event is the 800m.

Kyle: The gauntlet race. Well best of luck with the 2min barrier.

Edsel after the one mile mark at the Big Chill.

RANDOM QUESTION! What do you want to be when you grow up?

Senor Flores: Happy! 

Kyle: A man of simple desires. Very smooth. Well I want to thank you for speaking with us, that's all the time we have for this week. Muchas Gracias Senor

Senor Flores: De Nada!

Kyle: Tune in next week to see who we interview!



Twitter Follower of the Week
As you may know, Josh Neyhart runs the club's Tinder page.  Oh wait, we mean Twitter.  If you haven't followed us @GardenStateTC, you should.  In fact, we have 825 followers--9 more than last week.  Looks like Josh is slipping.  Weekly numbers are going down.  We may need to fire him soon.  Pick up the pace.

That said, the Twitter Follower of the Week is OnlyAtoms Running.  Seems like a hipster-esque running clothes company out of Brooklyn.  However, we can't figure out if the logo is inappropriate.   


Dude!  Follow our Road Relays Twitter account...we have 114.  We need to get moving.  @RoadRelays.  Holla at us!

Cheyenne's Something of the Week
Fact:  Taco Cat is Taco Cat spelled backwards. 

Gold Star
Welcoming New Members
by Ashwin Anantharaman

Brian Wells
Brian was lucky enough to have the oppurtunity to run on the Rutgers Track and Field and Cross Country teams for 3 years.  This fall he got a full-time co-op, which conflicted with their practice times.  Rather than tackling more than he could handle, Coach Mulqueen and he decided that it would be best if I he left the team to focus on his co-op and future career.  He took several months off which was definitely much needed rest but he is ready to get back in shape,especially because working at a candy company has been threatening to make him fat!  He loves being on a team and running with other people. GSTC seemed like the perfect place to meet other runners and get back in racing shape!  He is currently working as a Packaging Engineering Co-Op at Mondelez International(Maker of wonderful brands such as Nabisco, Sour Patch Kids, Cadbury Chocolate, and Dentyne/Trident gum) but will be starting full time once I graduate in January. He works mainly with Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish which keeps him busy, but working at a desk covered with candy is an absolute blast.  He grew up in a family of huge Rutgers fans so that love of Rutgers athletics has definitely trickled down so he goes to as many games as possible and supports Rutgers.  He is also a huge TV fan and currently tearing through The Shield as fast as he can. His past favorites include The Wire, Community, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is a man of simple pleasures,  but his favorite vacations have always been going backpacking and fishing out west with his dad.  Colorado is a particular favorite of theirs,  as the burritos out their are delicious and a perfect food to have after a week in the wilderness eating oatmeal and trail mix. GSTC is happy to welcome Brian to our team! 

                  Turkey Trot We Missed

            Bri Teichmann Sets Huge PR; Bro is Slow
Last Thursday at the 5 Mile Turkey Trot in Garden City, Long Island, Bri Teichmann 38:15.  When considering she ran 47:11....that's quite an incredible drop!  It also puts to shame her brother, Dan Teichmann, which isn't terrible hard to do these days, who ran 30:10.

     RRC and aGSTC Race the Big Chill

The Rutgers Running Club, captained by aGSTC member Rob Klink and coached by aGSTC president Chuck Schneekloth, had a field day at the Rutgers' Big Chill 5k--along with thousands of other participants.

Ally Black cruised to an easy win, jogging comfortably through the finish line at 18:22 rocking the black aGSTC hoodie.  Edsel Flores was the top finisher for the men, grabbing second overall in 16:54.  For more on Edsel the Pretzel, see Kyle's Korner.

Other aGSTC finishers included Maanek Kumar (16:55), Mark Parisen (17:16- but his watch said 16:58), James Surico (17:46), Ryan Degregario (18:03), David Fett (18:07), Ezra Chefitz (18:11), Conor O'Brien (18:12), Robert Marcyzdlo (18:29), Dan Teichmann (18:35), Woody Kongsamut (18:34/PR), Matt Baker (19:01), Eric Davis (19:32), Don Weise (20:35), Erin LaCosta (20:56), Grace Chong (21:53), Charlie Groll (22:23), Mikaela Kane (22:56),  Francis Garcia (24:04), Samantha Haley (24:29), Ana Garcia (32:31), and Amy Denholtz (no time listed).

         Livingston Wins RR 5k
Brad Livingston closed out his fall season with a big win at the Run for Red 5k this weekend.  With Maplewood's Michael Postaski just a few seconds behind, Livington put down the win in 18:03.

Rochdi Wins $250 in Reindeer 5k    
In a final tune-up for club nationals, Youssef Rochdi won the Trinity Academy Reindeer 5k Run in 15:02.  Battling a very hilly course, Rochdi rolled solo for the dubya and the prize money.  We still aren't sure when the siting-on-Santa's-lap thing happened.  See below.

               Ravara 4th in AG 
Margarita Ravara finished fourth in her age group in the Toms River Jingle Bell 5k last weekend.  She ran 27:39, averaging 8:54 a mile!

            aGSTC Trivia Is Back 
1.  Would you trust this man with your daughter?
a.  no
b.  highly unlikely
c.  where did he get that hideous thing from?
d.  if he was the only man alive on God's Green Earth...most likely not

                          2.  What is Youssef asking for this holiday season?
a.  Round trip flight to Moracco
b.  a dwarf goat
c.  a complete text of the Hawley Smoot Tariff
d.  ok seriously, why the hell is he sitting on Santa's lap?

3.  Why is Cheyenne in the trunk?  
A.  Cheaper rent
B.  It's the new luxury home Ken purchased them upon engagement
C.  There must be a cat somewhere in there
D.  Because she can, that's why, punk.

1.  all of the above
2.  d
3.  b

Micah and Lily pose during the weekend at their first meet
Lowry Wins 3k
In his first post-collegiate run under the aGSTC name, Dylan Lowry won the 3k at the Cornell Greg Page Relays in 8:44.36.  He sat on a Cornell and Toronto athlete for 2800 meters, blasting the final lap in 30  for the win.   See results 



Davis Wins TJ 

Princeton- Triple jumper Shene Davis started her season off with a gold medal, as she leaped 40-6 to win the Princeton Invitational.  


Leonard Grabs Silver in TJ

Haverford- Micah Leonard was second in her 2014-2015 debut, triple jumping 38-11.75.  


See results here.


Club Nationals
Lehigh University
Ten teams from the aGSTC
Carpool and come watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Totally Misunderstood Award

Atilla The Run.  Goes to the Leadership Meeting.  Bounces without paying his check.  This being an entirely new definition to the term "Turkey Trot."

Quotes of the Week


"Garden State (is) probably the fastest growing club in the country."  -USATF official on the Club Council, via email


"If there's one thing I've learned in life it's that there is nothing in this world a good run can't fix, no matter how bad things may seem."  -Chris Warren, via FB


"Kid from a college near me is wanting to pay me to help him with his math and finance classes, struggle is real for finals lol."  -Chris Schneider, via FB.  (Editor's note: the comma splice in this status is pretty real, too)


"run through the woods, they'll be fun, they said..." -Gio Francesco, high jumper, via FB


"You know you've got lots of work to do when you finish behind Grandma Race Shirt and Northfaxce McYogapants at a 5k."  -Francis Garcia, over FB, after running 24:04 in the Big Chill 5k.  


"Ok 23:18 not too shabby.  March 2015 look out sub 22 is coming."  -Josh Gonzalez, via FB


"Everything is going great.  Can't wait for the season to start!"  -world class hurdler Devon Hill via text message


"I calculated 33 weeks...142 workouts."  -Paul Mongone, javelin thrower, thinking long term about club nationals via text message 

"Omw to see wifey (the track) to fine-tune these legs of mine."  -Jaris Rousseau, via FB


"Who's meeting at the (Rutgers) Student Center to run at 5:30 tonight?  Don't make have to talk (sic) to myself the whole run.  People have plenty of reasons to conclude I'm crazy without that one."  -Kyle Price, arranging a run on the Central Enclave page.


"Excited to say I'm joining the USATF's number one running club in NJ The Garden State Track Club."  -Matt Storms, via FB



"So thankful to have running in my daily life.  You never know when it can all be taken away.  Thankful to be a part of a great team with so much passion, talent, heart, and success."  -Brian Weitzvia FB, after Ashenfelter 8k


"B'(eard)' team is superior."  -Francis Garcia, playing off the #AnisforBTeam fun on FB


"So many TMA's, so little email space."  -Kyle Price, after Compuscore listed aGSTC teams as the team Geezers.


"The efficiency with which you run gstc is amazing.  Photos up and tagged already.  Wow!  Happy Thanksgiving...Excited for when I qualify for Boston in 2015 in black and gold."  -Brad Livingston, via text, Thanksgiving afternoon.  


"So many TMA's, so little email space."  -Kyle Price, after Compuscore listed aGSTC teams as the team Geezers.


"The efficiency with which you run gstc is amazing.  Photos up and tagged already.  Wow!  Happy Thanksgiving...Excited for when I qualify for Boston in 2015 in black and gold."  -Brad Livingston, via text, Thanksgiving afternoon.  


 "It's awesome meeting everyone! Looking forward to a fun 2015!"  -Katie Castro, via email, after joining the team officially for 2015

"Yes I am very excited to meet everyone! It seems like a very welcoming environment."  -Courtney Schonfield, via email, after officially joining the club two weeks ago

Enclave Team Runs

Don't be lonely like Jaris at the potluck....
come to a team run!!!

North Enclave
Monday 5:45p @ 40 Corning Ave, Pompton Lakes (please email if interested in doing any Pompton Lakes group runs)
Tuesday 6pm West Milford track at Mcopin Middle School
Wednesday: 7:20am at 27 Sandra, or 5:45 pm @ 40 Corning
Thursday:  6:00pm Fleet Feet, Monclair 
Saturday: 8:00am @ 40 Corning

Central Enclave
Monday 5:30 @ Rutgers Student Center
Monday 5:30 @ Highland Park HS track (sprinters/half milers)
Tuesday 5:30 @ RSC
Wednesday:  5:30 @ RSC
Thursday:  5:30 @ RSC
Friday:  4:15 @ RSC
Saturday 10:00am @ HPHS Track
Morristown Enclave
Wednesday 6:15p @ Morristown Running Company
Saturday 9:00a @ Morristown Running Company
Jersey City Enclave
Thursday 7pm @ Hoboken Running Company
Saturday 8:30 @ Hoboken Running Company 
Sunday 9:00a @ Pier A, Hoboken
South Enclave
Monday 5:30pm @ Elk Township Trail
Wednesday 7:15 @ Gloucester County College
Wednesday 6:30 @ Haddonfield Running Company
Saturday 9:00am @ TDA w/ Beach Enclave

Tuesday 4-6pm @ Gwynedd Mercy HS
Thursday 4-6pm @ Gwynedd Mercy HS
Please contact Coach Cardell Wooten for more information!
Beach Enclave
Wednesday 6:00pm @  Point Pleasant Borough High School
(808 Laura Herbert Dr, Pt Pleasant Boro, NJ 08742)

Princeton Enclave
Wednesday 5:30pm @ Turning Basin (on Alexander Road)

Summit Enclave
Saturday 8am @ Summit Running Company
Brooklyn Enclave

Delaware Enclave
Track and Field Practice Sessions
Mondays- 5:30p at Highland Park HS
Saturdays- 10:00am at Highland Park HS

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The GSTC Weekly Email is a collaborative effort to bring club membership an accurate and entertaining update on all team events, runs, results, workouts, quotes, and even mishaps every Sunday night.  It is also often referred to as "The Email" or, by more prominent members of the running community, "error-fraught spam."  If you'd like to submit anything that would contribute to any of these sections, please email us!  



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