Friday, July 24, 2015

(7/20-7/26): Enclave Action Heats Up


Time for Enclave Pride!

Fall Training Plan: 
From Our Coaching Staff

Here is a link to the fall plan.  Click on it to request access.  Access will only be granted to dues paying members.  Become one here!

Enclave Brouhaha 

 Welcome Week
Anyone in an enclave picture this week who was not in an enclave picture last week...will be valued at two points, not one!


#gold division

1.  CENTRAL ENCLAVE (13 points)                   
2 points
3 points

5 points

3 points

2.  WILD WEST ENCLAVE  (10 points)
2 points
2 points
3 points

3 points

2.  NORTH ENCLAVE (10 points)
3 points
2 points
5 points

4.  PRINCETON ENCLAVE (9 points)

5 points
2 points
2 points


#black division

1.  JERSEY CITY ENCLAVE (4 points)
2 points
2 points

2.  SOUTH ENCLAVE (3 points)
3 points

3 points

4.  BEACH ENCLAVE (2 points)
2 points

2 points

GREAT Pictures, but...
0 points
0 points
0 points

1.  Advertise the run on Enclave page beforehand
2.  Take picture of runners
3.  Post on FB page

Enclaves get 2-5 points for every run; two is the minimum of runners, and five is the maximum number of points.  

Winning enclaves in each division will win adidas gear by season's end.

Points will be totaled up every week in the weekly email.

Sunday Team Run

Washington's Crossing

The easiest address to plug into a GPS is:
1339 River Rd, Titusville, NJ

This is for Patriots Crossing Tavern. At the light next to the restaurant, turn down Washington Crossing-Pennington road- you'll see a bridge ahead. Make a right to turn into a large parking lot. 
There's plenty of places to park and bathrooms as well. 

Brunch to follow for those interested!

Start in Jersey, run over the bridge into PA, take in some beautiful views, sing "Yankee Doodle," etc.  Gonna be great.

Club Nationals 2015:
San Francisco!!!!

The Leadership Team met on Tuesday, July 7th, and agreed on the following items:

1.  If an athlete hits the 82% PLP standard, they will receive a $300 stipend toward their flight.

2.  Any athlete hitting the 82% PLP standard (for 5k this is 15:40 men; 17:57 women), the club will pay for lodging, entry fee,  and van transportation there.

3.  To qualify for this support, the athlete must run two of the six team races this fall.

4.  Exceptions will be made, by the LT,  on a case-by-case basis if two team races aren't met

5.  Any athlete on the "A" or "B" team will receive lodging, van transportation, and meet entry support if they also meet the "two team race" standard

6.  Anyone who "belongs in the race" (sub-20 women; sub-17 men) may go and run on an aGSTC team!  The more the merrier!  Last year we broke the USATF record with eleven scoring teams!!!

7.  Any questions should be directed to the email, whereas it will be redirected to the LT for consideration.

This is your governing body.  A bunch of lazy, pizza-eating slackers.


Kyle's Corner



Kyle's Korner was closed this weekend.  Down the beach.  Shore.  Whatever Robyn insists upon us not calling it.




Weekly Results

Castroaguadin 5th at Napa Half

Katie Castroagudin finished an impressive 5th at the Napa-to-Sonoma Half Marathon this weekend.  Winning her 21-24 age group, she finished in 1:30:46--nearly a ten minute PR.  She and teammate Karen Auteri
, who finished 7th overall in 1:31:55 and won her age group, both followed the plan of aGSTC coach Mike Fonder.  Diana Angi also ran  1:55:36, just missing out on her previous PR by seconds.  Way to go ladies, and thanks for the generous hourly FB reminders than you guys were in Napa, and we are in NJ!

Bach, Roberts 4th in Elite Wave

Matt Bach and Leah Roberts were the top finishers for the club at the 10th annual New Jersey State Triathlon Championships.  They both competed and finished fourth in the elite wave at Mercer County Park, the first of many throughout the painfully hot day.

Due to a bad crash two weeks ago, Bach hadn't been able to swim due to the cuts on his hands.  Consequently, the Summit resident came out of the water way off the leaders in 14th place with a 23:19 split.  However, hr crushed the bike, passing five dudes averaging 25.6 mph.  He then rolled on the 10k run, his best of the three, dropping a 36:00 10k to pass another five.  His final push landed him just seconds short of making the podium, as he ended up just four second off the bronze medalist.  1:50:30

Roberts had just the opposite race, as the swim is her strong suit.  She came out of the water in second place with a 22:56 time.  She then got passed by one woman on the bike despite averaging 22mph, and another on the 10k run as she finished in 2:05:44.  This was the 8th fastest female performance of the day.

Several other aGSTC'ers competed in the Olympic Distance.  Roberts' training partner, Jessica "PK" Redden, finished in 2:12:08--good for 8th in her 24-29 age group.  Meghan Bruce ran a string 43:19 10k finish, as she was 2:22:38 overall.  Eric Redden, Jessica's husband, finished in 2:32:22--not bad she considering he forgot his biking shoes and drove home frantically to retrieve them!

The day previous, Charlie Groll finished the sprint triathlon in 1:13:24, good for 9th in his age group.  

The 2015-2016 
aGSTC Triathlon Uniform
As voted on by club triathletes.  Some changes will happen, such as the figures removed from the state, turning it into a two-piece, etc.  More information to come.


A Message from the President
Playing balls sports is fun.  But an hour of basketball, soccer, or flay football- especially if you haven't done so since the Reagan administration- may end up costing you weeks of training.  As they say, "You have more to lose than gain." 

2015 adidas GSTC
Fall Racing Schedule

8/22  USATF-NJ 5k Masters Men Championships
8/30  USATF-NJ 5k XC Championships @ Nadirar Park
9/20  USATF-NJ Half Marathon Championships 
10/4  USATF-NJ Little Silver Open Women 5k Championships
10/26 USATF-NJ 8k XC Championships @ Deer Valley Park
11/8  USATF-NJ 10k Masters Women Championships
11/15 Garden State XC Invite @ Philly (TBD)
11/26 USATF-NJ 8k Championships
12/12 USATF National Club XC Championships @ San Francisco


It's time to pay your 2015 Team Dues.
The club has many operating expenses that depend on membership dues.


Peter's Puzzler
Peter Bolgert is an esteemed member of the club who was on the DMR that won the club national title in 2013 for the aGSTC.  A former Marquette standout in the steeplechase, he is now halfway through a PhD program in the plasma physics department at Princeton University.  In hopes to raise the intellectual rigor to the club's weekly email, he designs weekly puzzlers to sharpen the wit, acumen, and intellect of the club...while wearing this onesey.

This is an incredible problem -- incredible because it seems to lack sufficient data for a solution.  A cylindrical hole six inches long has been drilled straight through the center of a solid sphere.  What is the volume remaining in the sphere?  

Anis Angle


Mike Anis is an aging cranky, albeit beloved and long-standing member of the club who takes great pride in his beard and his onesey.  In full transparency, we should probably also add he's never been asked to write an angle.  We just do it for him.



"Nothing wrong with six inches, or three, come to think about it a little more."






Quick Solution: 36*pie



aGSTC Runs

Type caption text here.

Check your Facebook Enclave group pages for regional group runs!  They are happening often now!



Pictures of the Week

This is the picture of the week.  Very reliable runner, friendly guy, always a solid mustache, has beautiful baby blue eyes.

But no points.


Steady Striders


Do you run 9-12 minute mile pace on your runs?


Come join the aGSTC Steady Striders!  They have their own Facebook Group Page, coach, and group runs.  Email and we will introduce you to our two co-captains, Amy and Erika.





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