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(10/27-11/2): aGSTC Breaks Four USATF-NJ Records at 8k XC Championships


Black and Gold Break Four Association Records in 8k Finale

Gladstone and Peapack- Sunday morning under blue skies and golden falling leaves, ninety members of the adidas Garden State Track Club flooded the trails at Natirar Park.  

By Sunday afternoon, four of the USATF-NJ's biggest records were shattered.

Record 1: Most runners participating in a championship event: 90.  With 294 runners in the field, 30% of the race wore black and gold adidas uniforms.

Record 2:  Most finishing teams:  18.  aGSTC was painfully close to having twenty, but there were two incomplete teams.

Record 3:  Most points in a team event: 155.  This is more points than six of the thirteen USATF-NJ teams have scored all year long.

Record 4:  Most points scored in a season:  691.  This is 109 more points than the former record set last year by the aGSTC--and the season isn't quite done.

A complete analysis of the event is below.  See results page here.

All-Time Points List: USATF-NJ Grand Prix
691- adidas Garden State Track Club (2014)      
582- adidas Garden State Track Club (2013)
577- Morris County Striders (2005)
532- Raritan Valley RR (2004)
520- Raritan Valley RR (2003)
494- Raritan Valley RR (2010)
467- Raritan Valley RR (2002)
459- Raritan Valley RR (2007)
434- Raritan Valley RR (2009)
426- Raritan Valley RR (2008)
421- Raritan Valley RR (2012)

USATF-NJ Grand Prix: Updated Standings
1. adidas Garden State TC- 471 + 65 + 155 = 691
2. Clifton - 320 + 54 + 64 = 438
3. Do Run Runners - 247 + 46 + 75 = 368
4. Shore A.C. - 242 + 28 + 63 = 333
5. Raritan Valley - 218 + 42 + 59 = 319
6. Garmin Runners - 214 + 19 + 45 = 278
7. North Jersey Masters - 196 + 58 + 0 = 254
8. Central Jersey - 92 + 27 + 7 = 126
9. Rose City - 68 + 0 + 21 = 89
10. Morris County Striders - 44 + 0 + 36 = 80
11. Sneaker Factory - 50 + 12 + 0 = 62
12. Essex/Fleet Feet - 41 + 10 + 0 = 51
13. Pearl Izumi - 6 + 0 + 0 = 6

Percentage of aGSTC, by Pace
36 GSTC /49 total runners at sub-6 pace:  73% 
29/62  at sub-7:00 pace: 47%
14/81 at sub-8:00 pace: 17%
5/37  at sub-9:00 pace:  14%
3/23  at sub-10:00 pace: 13%
3/24  at sub-11:00 pace:  12%

90 GSTC runners/294 total runners:  30%

Masters Women Recap
40s Team 3rd; Brangan Wins USATF-NJ 8k XC Title
Michelle Brangan winning the 8k cross country masters title
Michelle Brangan once again ran away with another USATF-NJ masters title, as the 44-year-old won by a whopping 90 seconds over second place Karen Perlman.  Aberaging 6:24 a mile, she finished in 31:46--the seventh fastest women overall.

Teammate Sandi Kaspszyk, left, also ran brilliantly, coming in as the 8th overall master women at 36:43.  With nine points (1+8), the aGSTC were tied for first after two finishers.

Jennifer Dos Santos was the next finisher at 42:17, followed by Stephanie Edwards (46:39) and Prudence Jones (53:32).  The team finished in a three-way tie with 35 points, but they won out on the tiebreaker, resulting in the podium finish.

This was the second highest finish by the 40s women, as they finished second at the College Ave Mile on June 7th.    

Masters Men Recap
40s Team 2nd as Montgomery Makes Big Debut; 60s Team 3rd
Members of the masters team Lee Mooney, John Bergacs, Matt Baker, John Montgomery, Franklin Reed, and Nick Van Langen celebrate after the race.
All year, the masters men have been waiting for the day where all of the runnings moons would align, allowing the group to finally be at full strength.  While that didn't fully happen Sunday, as several key runners, including top dog Chris Sallade, were out--the team had enough firepower for their much-awaited breakthrough race.   Overall, the group scored 43 points, including two podium finishes.

The men's 40s team led the charge,  as the group finished second overall--the club's best finish to date.  John Montgomery had a fantastic debut in gold, as the 48 year old hammered the hilly course in 29:36.  His 5:57 pace was good enough for 5th masters overall and 2nd in his 45-49 age group.

Andrew Tschesnok 
was the team's #2 man, hitting 6:09's good for a 10th masters overall with a 30:31 effort.  Nick Van Langen, left, continued his strong debut season, as he was the team's #3 at 32:01.  Matt Baker was the #4 in 32:11, and Eric Davis rounded out the scoring team with a 34:34.

The men's 60s team finished third overall with 54 total points.  Peter Auteri, 
father of aGSTC #2 marathon Karen Auteri, was the group's top finisher in 36:53.  Julius Pontecorvo also ran well, finishing as the #2 man at 37:53.  Auteri's training partner Francis B
eideman was third in 39:04, and John Bergacs closed out the team scoring in 46:45.

The 50s team also added big team points, as the group finished 5th overall.  Baker, the #6 finisher in the 50s division, was the top finisher.   Don Weise was second with a 35:05, and Brian Harris was the third man in 35:11.  South Enclave's finest Lee Mooney was the fourth in 36:20, and Franklin Reed was the final scorer in 37:46.

The 40s B team also scored with a 7th place finish.  Weise, Harris, Mooney, Auteri, and Reed teamed up to sneak a few more points for the Gold.
Open Women Recap
Teams Go 1-2-3-6; Put 9 in Top 10 as Ogletree Wins Title
Cheyenne Ogletree and Greta Sieve finished 1-2 in the women's race.

The aGSTC women's team has never been so strong, and as always, Cheyenne Ogletree was the trailblazer up front.

Nicole Salge
Ogletree remained undefeated in USATF-NJ action, winning the 8k Cross Country Championships in 29:54.  She was closely followed by Greta Sieve, who bounced back well from a half marathon last week, with a 30:28 performance.  In June, Ogletree and Sieve battled for the USATF-NJ road 5k title, with Ogletree winning by a step thanks to a strong, come-from-behind surge in the final stretch.  

The women put an impressive nine ladies in the top ten, resulting in their team's best 8k cross country finish ever: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th place.  This is the fourth consecutive year the ladies have won the USATF-NJ 8k cross country team title.

Coming in third for the GSTC was Ally Black
, a Rutgers
Regina Wang
first-year student who continues to dazzle in her first year out of high school, with an impressive 30:33. Robyn Evangelist, or how she's listed in the results, Robyn Evangeluft, was fourth for the club and fifth overall, crossing the line at 31:12. Chelsea Callan ran a strong race up front as well, finishing as the team's fifth runner, and sixth overall, with a 31:38 performance.

The women's top three teams scored 55, 59, and 63 points, while fourth place was a distant 111.  Their was a fifth team declared, but a few last-minute no-shows resulted in an incomplete.

A few women who made their club debuted included Princeton Running Co's Meghan Bruce
(33:12), Princeton alum Regina Wang (35:55), and Rutgers studentMikaela Kane (41:27).

Women's Teams
Meghan Bruce
1st Place  (55pts):
Greta Sieve, Chelsea Callan, Angela Dunn (32:49.75), Lisa Jones (32:52.50), Kelly Thow (37:34.79),  Sara Diaz (41:31.61)

2nd Place (59pts): Allyson Black, Robyn Evangeluft, Erika Meling (32:35.41), Nora Norvell (33:11.34), Erin Lacosta (39:19.14)

3rd Place (63pts):  Cheyenne Ogletree, Alyssa Douma 32:40.11, Nicole Salge 32:54.75, Regina Wang, Sandi Kaspszyk.

6th Place (122 points):  Michelle Brangan, Meghan Bruce, Kristen Prazenica 36:26.87, Jennifer Dos Santos, 41.Brianne Teichmann 42:35.07, Monika Juzwiak 45:52.96

Open Men Recap
Men in Black Sweep Top 6 Team Spots as 
Rochdi Pulls Away for the W
Youssef Rochdi, Chris Warren, Chris Schneider, and Ken Goglas swept the top four spots Sunday.

For the fourth year in a row, the adidas GSTC men won the USATF-NJ 8k XC Championship.  For the first time in club history, they swept the first twelve finishing places.

With club nationals just six weeks away, the men's team has never looked so strong and so deep.  With just the Ashenfelter 8k between now and the big dance, the possibility of the ever-elusive top-ten finish has never looked so tangible.

Youssef Rochdi, Chris Schneider, Chris Warren, and Ken Goglas

hammered the hilly course together at 5:03 pace until the final mile, where they slowly broke up and finished in that order.  Rochdi won the USATF-NJ title in 25:22,  Schneider was the runner-up in 25:26, Warren finished in 25:33, and Goglas crossed at 25:54.
Ward and Croff, finishing together, were high school teammates in Connecticut.

Rounding out the top ten were Kyle Price (26:08), Stephen Ellwood (26:08), Chris Croff (26:20), Tradelle Ward (26:20), Joe Meehan (26:28), Mike Anis (26:33).  This was the club debut for Ward and Meehan, who both ran brilliantly, while Croff trained through the race with a 90+ mile week of heavy training.  Ellwood, a medical student, had an improved race over his Paul Short effort weeks ago.  He also, needless to say, vastly improves the average SAT score of the top ten group.

Also making their club debuts were Steve Olin
, Mike Mossaad, James Surico, Brad Livingston, Liam Ramsey, and Pat Casey.

Due to a day-of member no-show, the very good team of Mark Minervini
, David Fett, Rob Klink, and Brian Weitz were incomplete, yet they would have easily slipped into the top ten. 
The peloton of Price, Meehan, Ellwood, Anis, and Rivers roll in the third mile.

This was certainly the highlight of the day for Arquimedes Delacruz, as he went to the Jets game afterward (editor's note: we warned him not to do it).  

This team performance certainly ranks amongst the top three in club history.  It falls short of the College Ave Mile, whereas the top eight team spots were swept, and perhaps the President's Cup Road 5k Championships.

Bradley Livingston finishes his first race in Gold

1st place  (62pts):   Youssef Rochdi, Joseph Meehan 26:28.28, Joseph Zeoli  26:47.18, James Rivers 26:50.02, Edsel Flores 28:59.68

2nd place (79pts):   Stephen Ellwood  26:08.89, Atilla Sabahoglu 27:04.21, Theodore Doyle 27:29.99, .Joe Mummert 27:42.23, Adin Mickle 28:04.97 

3rd place (81pts):   Chris Schneider, Michael Anis 26:33.54, William Appman  27:13.60, Sean Donohue 27:18.61, Francois Wismith 29:43.13, Christopher Behre 29:53.53, Steven Olin-dabrowsk 42:21.39 

 4th Place (92 points):  Chris Warren 25:33.49, Kyle Price 26:06.28, Matthew Eder 26:58.47, Ashwin Anantharaman  28:23.26, Thomas Visicaro  29:59.73, Charles Groll  39:34.24 

 5th Place (99 points): Kenneth Goglas, Joshua Neyhart 27:35.64, Arquimedes Delacruz 27:41.15, Jamis Rousseau 28:06.55, Mark Parisen 29:23.37, Dennis Waite 29:38.56 

 6th Place (125 points):  Tradelle Ward 26:20.97, Peter Bolgert 28:13.07, Adam Gruchacz 28:21.02,     Will Alston 29:15.68, Nicholas Murphy 29:18.07.

8th place (204 points):  Steven Jackson Princeton 28:15.51, John Montgomery 29:36.02, Ryan Degregorio 30:15.24, Andrew Tschesnok 30:31.62, Nick Van Langen 32:01.22, Michael Mossaad 50:19.96

10th Place (238pts): James Surico 29:46.97, Conor O'brien 31:03.53, Ezra Chefitz 31:04.94, Daniel Teichmann 31:24.61, Jayant Wunnava 31:58.07 

11th Place (288pts):  Bradley Livingston  31:08.99, Liam Ramsay 31:37.31, Patrick Casey 32:21.25 * 62.Eric Davis 34:34.44, Francis Garcia 39:38.18 

Incomplete:  Mark Minervini 29:02, David Fett 29:19, Rob Klink 30:29, Brian Weitz 31:28

Post-Race Potluck Recap
No one came but Jaris.  It was a bummer.  Huge waste of food.  But he ate like a king.  They don't have parks like this in Paterson.

Okay, but really.

It was awesome!  Thanks to everyone who brought all the food!

Next team potluck: College Ave Mile!

Race Videos & Pictures


The aGSTC Fall Racing Schedule.
November 9: Giralda 10k (masters men)
November 27: Ashenfelter 8k (masters, open men)
December 13: USATF Club XC National Championships (Lehigh University)

aGSTC Training Plan: 

Questions about the team fall training plan?

You can contact them at them at ken_goglas@hotmail.com or michael.fonder@gmail.com.

If you'd like to have access to the Google doc, please sign the team waiver/form here.


Twitter Follower of the Week
As you may know, Josh Neyhart runs the club's Tinder page.  Oh wait, we mean Twitter.  If you haven't followed us @GardenStateTC, you should.  In fact, 706 people are following us, including now 2004 Olympian Khadevis Robinson, an 800m runner with a 1:43.68 personal best.  

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Kyle's Korner


Kyle's Korner is a segment of the Club's weekly email that will focus on reacquainting you with a different current club member each week. We will catch you up on how they are doing with regards to their training, their lives, and other general nonsense. This segment intends to be informative and educational while attempting humor in a purely inoffensive way. Mostly.



This week on Kyle's Korner we interviewed Jaris Rousseau, a member of our half miler crew. Though don't be fooled by his prior label. He is making strides towards coming out of that mid distance shell. You've seen him on the track and more recently on the jungle gym equipment, but you may start seeing him more on the roads and in the woods.



Kyle: Good even Jaris, thanks for joining us!

Mr. Rousseau: No problem sir!

Kyle: I hear you've been tearing it us this fall season both with your running and strength training.

Mr. Rousseau: Yea I been putting in a lot of work on both ends of the spectrum. I am just tryna be stronger and faster than I was last year and hope to get a couple of personal bests while I'm at it.

Kyle: "putting in a lot of work".. I've seen those parkour style workout vids you post.

But yes faster you want and faster you got! You just recently ran a huge 5k PR correct?

Mr. Rousseau: Lol yea I was inspired by a couple videos I seen on YouTube and wanted to test my strength and see if I could do some of those crazy moves. Yes I did! I recently ran in the woodland park 5k and ran a PR of 15:51. I still can't believe I ran that till this day but with all the hard work I been putting in, something had to give eventually.

Coming through that line and seeing that time was awesome.

Kyle: Well I'm glad your race time gave and not your body. Now that you know you can handle this new level of training are you thinking about how you want to approach next Fall?

Mr. Rousseau: Thanks, I'm glad as well. Yes I have been giving it some thought. Come next fall, I will have the same mentality I had this fall but this time around I will go up on the mileage and do more reps when it comes to the track workouts. As well as get more sleep. I don't get enough of that.

Kyle: Yes that's all part of good plan, but you definitely need the proper rest too. Tell us more about how that woodland park 5K went down. And how big of PR was it?

Mr. Rousseau: So here is the play-by-play story. About two hours before my race I ate a peanut butter jelly sandwich on oat bread with some almond milk and apple juice to get some energy going. Before the race I did a 2 mile warm up and did some dynamic stretching. Once the gun went off, I blasted off like a mad man who just got his lunch money stolen. I came through the first mile at 5:00! When the kid yelled that out I was kind of in shock but continued forward with my race. As I reached the 2 mile mark I noticed that there was 1 person somewhat behind me. So, once I seen that, my competitive nature kicked in and I started picking up the pace. As I get near the end of the race I stopped for about two seconds to ask a lady on the road where is the finish because I thought I should have reached it already but it actually was a little more up ahead around the corner. Since the lady didn't reply back to me, I kept moving and finally seen the finish in sight. As soon as I see the fish line I sprint and give it all I got. So that's how it went down. Sorry if that was too long. Just reliving my past. And the Pr was pretty big. I PR'd by 1min.




Kyle: Breakfast, check. going out strong, check. Then you pulled off a 60 second PR after stopping for directions? That race belongs on YouTube my friend haha. Well again congratulations. A PR by an entire minute is certain not easy to come by in anything shorter then a half marathon. Will you be running at Lehigh in December with these newfound longer distance skills?

Mr. Rousseau: Yes. I am planning to run at Lehigh to help the team do well as well as try to run a personal best in the 8k.

Kyle: What about your track season? Going to attempt some longer distances now?

Mr. Rousseau: For a matter of fact, I was actually considering following in your footsteps and running the steeplechase. Since I used to do hurdles and am no longer a sprinter, steeplechase has caught my eye so we shall see what happens.

Kyle: Yeesss. Convert to the fun siiide. You'll definitely enjoy it if you try it. Or hate it and never do it again. Those are really the only two options with that event.

Mr. Rousseau: Lol yea man. We shall see where life takes me.

Kyle: Well that's all the time we have for this week buddy. I wish you the best of luck with this season and outdoor. Ill be looking for some big things out of you. Thanks for speaking with us.

Mr. Rousseau: No problem man, it was a pleasure.

Kyle: Tune in next week to see who we interview. 



 Gold Star

by Ashwin Anantharaman


John Montgomery

John Montgomery at 48 years young knows how to make a great first impression. On a windy hilly course, John made his GSTC debut at the USATF 8k today and completed the course in a swift 29:36(5:57 pace) to help pace the masters team to a 2nd place finish. He has 3 boys one who is running for East Stroudsburg University, one who is a HS senior and one who is an 8th grader. He resides in Hackettstown and just resigned as the COO of a small company in order to sign with a larger company. The larger company he signed with is very high on electronics and lightning control in Manhattan. Most of his running development happened during his college days at Glassboro State which is now Rowan University. He ran a very good Boston Marathon in 1995 and had some success in road races back then. Currently he has been consistent in training averaging 40m a week in the fall/winter but jumps up to 50/70 miles a week in the spring/summer. He wants to improve in cross country after getting a taste of it last fall and so far he is off to a great start! He doesn't race much on roads but loves running his distances on trails along with an occasional 50k. He ran Paul Short a few weeks ago in 29:20 and after talking with Chuck, he knew that GSTC was the right direction to go. He is very excited to join the team and is no doubt a great addition to our team! 

Duke Farms Long Run
Be there this Sunday morning!

2014 Long Run Schedule
11/2: Duke Farms
11/9: River Road
11/16: Manasquan
11/23: Columbia Trail
11/30: Rosedale Park
12/7: Buccleuch Park: New Brun


TMA: Totally Misunderstood Award


Quotes of the Week

"Where the hell is the weekly newsletter...due on Sunday night."  -Andrew Tschesnok, via email, earlier today

"I wanted to know if I could join your team and be apart of something great."  -Jackie Rizzo, St. Peter's University grad, via email today

"Ezra Chefitz has turned into some runner!"  -masters Eric Davis, via email, noting the improvements of a former student in Highland Park

"Summer's over.  It's getting chilly."  -John Montgomery, evidently a man who loves running without a shirt, defending his race on FB to someone asking why he was wearing a shirt.

"Despite running like a wounded animal, felt awesome to be back out there."  -sprinter Carson Keers, after a long break, via text regarding his first practice

"You know your day is gonna be good when you leave internship and see a hot and sweaty Mark Parisen running down George Street."  -Chris Schneider, via FB.  (editor's note: added value of this quote: imagining Schneider as an intern somewhere)

"Ran my first cross country race today and also my first race with #GSTC!  Very proud to rep #blackandgold and very happy with my result considering the hills!"  -Steve Olin, via FB

"Ran my first 8k in 2 years with a PR of 29:15.  Guess I can sleep well tonight."  -half miler Will Alston, via Facebook, after his race

"If I learned anything this morning it has to be that there is little coffee can't fix."  -Chris Schneider, via FB, after the 8k.  (editor's note: still thinking about that internship.  Maybe getting coffee IS the internship)

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't want to work hard.  #facts" -Nafee Harris, aGSTC monster long jumper, via FB

"Today I decided after listening to race results that racing against the Garden State Track Club must feel like playing Monopoly against someone who has hotels on the entire board while all you have 'Get Out of Jail Free' card, $2 in Monopoly money, a chess queen, and a stamp."  -Francis Garcia, via FB, after the awards ceremony of the 8k championships

"Not my best race today but every day is a learning experience.  On to the next race."  -Wismith Francois, via FB

"Today's goal was simply to make the racecourse a playground, not a proving ground.  Goal achieved!  Thanks to my awesome teammates for reminding me how fun racing is supposed to be!  I love you ladies!"  -Greta Sieve, via FB, after finishing 2nd overall

"So proud of my son, Joe Zeoli.....10th overall as the GSTC men cross country team dominates the USATF cross country race today."  -Billy Zeoli, a proud dad, via FB

"I can confirm: Mike Anis defended our food with valiance."  -Charlie Groll, via FB, referring to Mike's passionate defense of the club's potluck food, shooing away hungry members of other clubs.

"Chris Schneider showing up on time."  -Ashwin Anantharaman, via FB, in thread titled, "What were other highlights of the team racer today?"

"5ks: getting passed at the finish line by 10 year olds never gets old.  8th place overall today...including the 10 year olds."  -Mark Domradsky, via FB

"I can't take ebola seriously until there are some 5k fun runs devoted to building awareness to it."  -Nick Gantt, via FB

"I love miserable fun!"  -Erika Bow, via FB, when talking about intervals in the cold rain

"I know but I need the tile  Don't care about the money.  This might be my last chance.  You know I'm an old man.  I can be dead any minute!"  -Atilla Sabahoglu, via text, talking about his imminent individual USATF-NJ Grand Prix, which is a $500 pay out.  Teammate Ken Goglas won it last year.

"Nothing like walking out of a midterm, bumping into your grandmother on College Ave, and wishing her luck on hers.  Thursdays, amiright?"  -Ezra Chefitz, via FB

"No, but it was a course PR."  -Edsel Flores, when asked if that was an 8k PR when running on this course for the first time

"Half way through the race, I realized either I was gonna out kick this old guy, or get out kicked by this old guy.  Either way, it would be a losing scenario for me."  -Jim Rivers, on the van ride back, talking about his battle with world-class 50 year old Brian Crowley.  For what it's worth....Jim won the duel, 26:50.02 to 26:50.57.   



Enclave Team Runs

Some of the ladies at Donaldson Park on Saturday (upper right), the group meeting up Friday at North Brunswick (upper left), and the group getting ready to roll Saturday morning (bottom).

North Enclave
Monday 5:45p @ 40 Corning Ave, Pompton Lakes (please email pauteri@verizon.net if interested in doing any Pompton Lakes group runs)
Tuesday 5:45 @ Morristown track
Wednesday 5:45p @ 40 Corning Ave
Thursday 6:00p @ Montclair Fleet Feet 
Friday 7:30a, 27 Sandra Lane Bloomingdale
Saturday  10:00a @ 40 Sleepy Hollow (refer to Karen's Facebook event! Or ask her!)

Central Enclave
Monday 5:30 @ Rutgers Student Center
Monday 5:30 @ Rutgers Intramural Fields/ Busch Campus (sprinters/half milers)
Tuesday 5:30 @ RSC 
Wednesday 5:30 @ RSC
Thursday 5:30 @ RSC
Friday 4:00 @ RSC
Saturday 10:00am @ Donaldson Park (Highland Park)
Morristown Enclave
Wednesday 6:15p @ Morristown Running Company
Saturday 9:00a @ Morristown Running Company
Jersey City Enclave
Thursday 7pm @ Hoboken Running Company
Saturday 8:30 @ Hoboken Running Company 
Sunday 9:00a @ Pier A, Hoboken
South Enclave
Monday 5:30pm @ Elk Township Trail
Wednesday 7:15 @ Gloucester County College
Wednesday 6:30 @ Haddonfield Running Company
Saturday 9:00am @ TDA w/ Beach Enclave
Beach Enclave
Wednesday 6:00pm @  Point Pleasant Borough High School
(808 Laura Herbert Dr, Pt Pleasant Boro, NJ 08742)

Princeton Enclave
Wednesday 5:30pm @ Turning Basin (on Alexander Road)

Summit Enclave
Saturday 8am @ Summit Running Company
Brooklyn Enclave

Delaware Enclave
Track and Field Practice Sessions
Mondays- 5:30p at Rutgers University (Busch Campus, Intramural Fields across from Sunny Werblin)
Saturdays- 10:00am at Donaldson Park (Highland Park)

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