Sunday, July 20, 2014

(7/21-7/27): Kyle's Korner, Cheyenne's Tip of the Week, and Blues Clues

1.0  Survey.
The winner of the survey raffle is Peter Bolgert, so he will be having dinner (bread, water, mint) with himself.

2.0  The aGSTC Fall Training Plan.
 by Ken Goglas and Mike Fonder


--Week 4: July 21-27

You should start feeling better now and back in a normal training groove, the mileage this week should be 70-80% of what you plan to build towards.

When doing strides don't half ass them.  Use the few minutes a week you spend on strides to make yourself a better runner.  Ideally you will do strides at mile pace, but at your slowest they should never be done at any slower than 5k pace.   

Monday: 40-60 min run, 6x8s hill sprint

Tuesday: 45-65 min run, 8x100 strides

Wednesday: 50-70 min run

Thursday: 40-60 min run or cross train or off

Friday: 45-65 min run, 8-10x100 strides

Saturday: 40-60 min run

Sunday: 70-90 min run


--The Entire Fall Plan
If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, contact either Ken Goglas ( or Mike Fonder ( 
3.0  The aGSTC Fall Racing Schedule.
August 31: Jimmy D 5k (masters women)
September 14: USATF-NJ 5k Cross Country Championships (all divisions)
September 21: Newport Half Marathon (all divisions)
October 26: USATF-NJ 8k Cross Country Championships (all divisions)
November 9: Giralda 10k (masters men)
November 27: Ashenfelter 8k (masters, open men)

***Feature Section*** 

Kyle's Korner

Kyle's Korner is a segment of the Club's weekly email that will focus on reacquainting you with a different current club member each week. We will catch you up on how they are doing with regards to their training, their lives, and other general nonsense. This segment intends to be informative and educational while attempting humor in a purely inoffensive way. Mostly.


This week on Kyle's Korner, and it being the first week ergo it's a trial run, we interview everyone's favorite crazy haired competitor Kyle Price.


Kyle: Hello Mr. Price.

Mr. Price: Hi Kyle.

Kyle: I hear you had a great finish to your 2014 spring season.

Mr. Price: I did actually! A 15:33 at the Presidents Cup race which is a PR for me for a road 5k. It was a great race, a lot of fun, I've got Mike Fonder to thank for the awesome pacing. And of course the endless free beer and hard cider afterwards was a huge plus.

Kyle: So you ran a sweet race and then drank some sour apples?

Mr. Price: ... I suppose.

Kyle: I'm sorry this is my first interview. So what have you been up to in your off season?

Mr. Price: Well my off season wasn't really off, I came out of Presidents Cup and was already looking forward to defending my title at my home town 4th of July 5k. I ran basically every other day instead of just stopping completely and ended up almost breaking sixteen again at the race just barely beating Tony Harris. And then I got the email with the training plan for cross country and I've got the River to Sea Relay August 2nd so yeah there's my off season.

Kyle: Busy boy. What about work over the summer?

Mr. Price: That's busy too. I've got my landscaping business and my high school team I coach for just started up summer sessions.

Kyle: My my you are busy.

Mr. Price: Well duh, you already know that.

Kyle: Why's that?

Mr. Price: Wait what?

Kyle: Moving on! So what are you looking forward to this up coming season?

Mr Price: Probably what most of the other club members are, improving my times and making it to Nationals in Lehigh.

Kyle: Well I wish you the best of luck with that! That's all the time we have this week, thanks for talking with us!

Mr. Price: Thank you too.

Kyle: Log on next week to see who we interview!


Cheyenne's Tip of the Week
Don't run into walls.  You might get hurt.  See video here.


As you will soon learn below, Ken Goglas is close to become a famous movie star.  But did you know we already have one on the club???  Yes indeed, a member of our wonderful team was the talking voice for "Blue" on the Blues Clues spin-off "Blue's Room" from ages 12-16.  Who was it?  Scroll down for the answer!

a-  Victoria Pontecorvo 

b-  Lauren Rome

c-  Anna Steinman

d-  Nora Norvell

e-  Anis


Fun Stuff from Our Members

Did you do something fun?  If you did, email us about it.  If you don't do fun things, we recommend doing something fun.  For example, my lawn needs to be mowed this week, etc.


Duane Reed = 100 Miles

Yes, the aGSTC masters man did it, finishing the Vermont 100 Miler in just over 26 hours, good for 23rd in his age group.  Wow!  



Goglas Makes 22-Person Final

On Saturday morning, aGSTC vice president Ken Goglas ventured to NYC to tryout for Sports Jeopardy, a show soon to be broadcasted on Crackle, an Internet TV station.  Dan Patrick, the famous ESPN anchor, will be playing host.


 During his 100-person tryout, all were given a thirty-question written test with clues being read to participants on a screen much like Jeopardy when playing at home.  Participants were given ten seconds to write answers of questions on a variety of subjects.  While one never finds out one's actual score, twenty-two were asked to stay for an interview and play a mock game. Mr. Goglas was one of those twenty-two selected out of a field that included several folks who have actually participated in the real Jeopardy show!


Now, Ken plays the waiting game.  There were five cities that held tryouts this weekend, and 150 will be flown to Los Angeles in either August, January, or April to tape a show.  If he wins a show, he will win $5,000.  The top three overall winners will play for a chance to win $50,000.



Croff Wins Trip to Ireland 

Summit Enclave Captain and Summit Running Company manager Chris Croff won a Saucony sales contest weeks ago winning him a week's vacation in Ireland.  


While there, he visited Dublin, Kilkenny, Kinvara, and Galway.  In addition, he also participated in a 200k relay race across the country, from Dublin to Kinvara.  A Saucony corporate exclusive event, he ran 15 miles in the event, as the teams were nine runners deep.

 He sent us the above picture upon returning home.




Z-Mart Wears Ohio State Shirt 

During the post-long run pool party on Sunday, long-time GSTC member and Ohio State student Zak "Z-Mart" Martins wore his Ohio State shirt.  







For those who are interested, Ken is trying to set up a GSTC outing to a Yankee game. Based on Facebook responses, the best day seems to be Friday 8/22 at 7:05. Send him an email at or Facebook message if you are interested in going. Respond by THIS THURSDAY as tickets will be purchased this Friday as long as 10 people are interested in going.  
This Friday night, at 6:15pm, the Central Enclave will host a team run from 944 Hermann Road in North Brunswick.  Afterward, there will be a BBQ and ping pong. pong.  All are welcomed, yet it would be helpful to RSVP to we know how much food to buy!
Nicaragua Olympic Committee Selects aGSTC
After coaching the Vietnamese national women's 4x400 relay this spring, standing center in light blue, the aGSTC has been asked to work with Nicaraguan athletes and coaches. 

North Brunswick-  After carefully reviewing dozens of applications and interviewing three finalists through the United States Embassy in Miami, the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee announced it has selected the president of the adidas Garden State Track Club, Chuck Schneekloth, to lead a week-long "Sports Diplomacy Workshop" in its country.  


During the third week of August, Schneekloth will be taken to three cities: Somoto, Managua, and Nandaime.  In each location, he will discuss training theory, sprinting periodization, and technical sprint elements to fifteen regional coaches.  Afterward, he will demonstrate practical application to this workshop with forty members of the country's regional under-19 national team.


The government will provide a stipend along with paying for all expenses.  



Tholis Bombs Away in Chi-Town
 Matt Tholis, the 2013 USATF Club National Champion in the javelin, make his 2014 debut in Chicago last weekend at the Chicagoland Challenge.  After having "Tommy John Surgery" shortly after club nationals in June of 2013, he has carefully rehabilitated it for six months, slowly gaining back flexibility and strength.  
Last weekend, he finally uncorked his first real throw of the 2014 season, launching a 70.72m toss at the prestigious Chicagoland Challenge.  While short of his PR, this 218' throw finished 5th out of 10 competitors.  Pretty darn good for a guy using his full approach for the first time this season.
Tholis is considered one of America's best javelin throwers and is in the hunt to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials.   Last year, as a collegiate senior in East Stroudsburg, he ranked 28th on the USATF list, yet only 22 throwers were accepted into the USA Outdoor National Track and Field Championships.
Tholis in Chicago last weekend




Gravesande, Riddick Highlight NYC Meet

NYC- Clayton Gravesande and Monique Riddick concluded their seasons with the NY Track and Field Invitational last weekend at St. John's University.


Gravesande, coming off a solid season at South Carolina that concluded with a showing at the USA Champs in the 400m trials in Sacramento weeks ago, finished 3rd overall in 47.55.  Riddick, in her final competition of the year, won the women's shot in 16.00, outdistancing second place by thirteen feet.  Now THAT is a win.




On July 4th, Tony Harris sent the Weekly Email a picture of his winnings (trophy, gift card) from the Milltown 5k with the caption "What did you win on your last 5k?"  This resulted in us misstating that weekend email that he won the race, not teammate Kyle Price.  However, it wasn't until the next day we learned, from various sources, that it was Price who won--not Harris.  So, a TMA goes to Mr. Harris for the misleading text that implied he won...leaving out the valuable information that his trophy was for "First Milltown Finisher," not "First Overall Finisher."  


So, some Swedish 54 year-old woman decides, while getting paid to be on sick leave because her feet, legs, and back were in pain, decides to win her age group at numerous races.  Uh oh.  Someone is in trouble now, including having to pay back all the sick pay she collected since 2005.


Read about it here:  


Quotes of the Week

"I would say you should write home about it, but not with the cost of postage these days."  -Adin Mickle, via FB, responding to Bri Teichmann's run splits where she stated "I know it's nothing to write home about."


"Or, you could man down and run with us."  -Mark Parisen, in response to Ken Goglas' statement at the team long run, "Looks like someone is gonna have to man up and run with me."


Masters Report: Growth, Consistency

2014 has been a good year for the aGSTC thus far, as they currently lead the USATF-NJ Grand Prix with 349 points.  More on the standings next week, as the club has some fall work to do if it hopes to breaks its own single-season USATF-NJ association record of 582 total team points.


However, one huge shift this spring has been the size, consistency, and growth of the men's masters team.  Never before have the masters chipped in so many points, thanks to fourteen total athletes participating , as Matt Baker and Fran Beideman had perfect 4/4 attendance at masters races.


From there, Kenny Huryk, Brian Harris, Peter Auteri, and Don Weise competed in three, as Andrew Tschenok, Lee Mooney, Julius Pontecorvo, Eric Davis, Chris Sallade, Steve Herring, and Hernan Rozemberg ll competed either once or twice.


What makes this consistency impressive is that, as many young folks forget, masters runners have incredibly busy lives.  Between a heavy work load, raising kids, paying mortgages, and significant life responsibilities (keeping up a house, for example), it ain't easy to find time to train AND race, let alone both.





 by Ashwin Anantharaman


Anna Steinman 
Anna  met Chuck in Starbucks while he was with her former high school xc coach from Rutgers Prep Erin Varga as it seems that Mr. Schneekloth has an act for meeting people in Starbucks. She heard about GSTC through her own collegiate racing career at Salisbury University because she has been at meets that GSTC attended.  Being from around the area in Jersey, she noticed the team at the meets and has raced in some 5k's with some of our women.  
Right now she is in Grad School at Salisbury University with one more year to go, studying Applied Health Physiology/Strength & Conditioning.  She also went to Salisbury for my undergrad degree and ran xc/track.  This summer she is interning at University Orthopaedic Associates in Somerset, where she's working in the sports performance department training athletes and any adults, mainly returning from injury and physical therapy.  Currently she is beginning her training for the NYC Marathon in November which will be her first full marathon with a goal of running between 3:05 and 3:10. This past year she ran 2 half marathons which helped her get ready for the upcoming marathon. She ran the Philly Rock n Roll in 1:27:14 and the Rutgers half in 1:25:54. She also has stepped on the track a couple of times this season running 10:55 in the 3k indoors and 18:53 in the 5k outdoors. Her Prs are 1845 in the 5k, 4:58 in the 1500 and 22:52 in the XC 6k. 



New Website Peek

It's gonna be sweet. 







Summer Enclave Team Runs
North Enclave
Monday 5:45p @Pompton Lakes
Wednesday 5:45p @ Pompton Lakes
Thursday 6:15p @ Montclair Fleet Feet
Saturday 8:00a @ Pompton Lakes
Central Enclave
Monday 6:30p @ Buccleuch Park parking lot (near gazebo)
Thursday 6:30p @ Buccleuch Park parking lot (near gazebo)
********FRIDAY 6:15p @ 944 HERMANN ROAD (No. Bruns)- RUN + BBQ + PING PONG********
Morristown Enclave
Wednesday 6:15p @ Morristown Running Company
Saturday 9:00a @ Morristown Running Company
Jersey City Enclave
Saturday 9:00a @ Pier A, Hoboken 
Sunday 9:00a @ Pier A, Hoboken
South Enclave
Monday 5:30pm @ Elk Township Trail
Wednesday 7:15 @ Gloucester County College
Wednesday 6:30 @ Haddonfield Running Company
Saturday 9:00am @ TDA w/ Beach Enclave
Beach Enclave
Wednesday 6:00pm @  Point Pleasant Borough High School
(808 Laura Herbert Dr, Pt Pleasant Boro, NJ 08742)

Princeton Enclave
Wednesday 5:30pm @ Turning Basin (on Alexander Road)

Summit Enclave
Saturday 8am @ Summit Running Company
Brooklyn Enclave

Delaware Enclave
Address:   101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway NJ 08205   
Park in the lot beside the track!

What is this email?

The GSTC Weekly Email is a collaborative effort to bring club membership an accurate and entertaining update on all team events, runs, results, workouts, quotes, and even mishaps every Sunday night.  It is also often referred to as "The Email" or, by more prominent members of the running community, "error-fraught spam."  If you'd like to submit anything that would contribute to any of these sections, please email us!  



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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

(7/14-7/20): Lots of New Members + Johnny Bobsled

Please do it.  It takes just five minutes, and all participants are entered into a raffle to win a free dinner* with Peter Bolgert.  Click right here for the survey!
*bread, glass of water, mint
The aGSTC Fall Training Plan.
 by Ken Goglas and Mike Fonder


Week 3: July 14-20

We continue the crucial phase of base mileage, this week should be 65%-75% of what you plan to build towards.  You may be asking, what should my weekly mileage be?  That is a great question and if you are wondering what you should be building up to, ask Ken Goglas or Mike Fonder  Many factors are considered, but basically it boils down to these simple questions:

Where have you been?

Where are you now?  

Where are you going?


Monday: 40-60 min run, 5x8s hill sprint

Tuesday: 40-60 min run, 8x100 strides

Wednesday: 50-70 min run

Thursday: 35-55 min run or cross train or off

Friday: 40-60 min run, 8x100 strides

Saturday: 40-60 min run

Sunday: 65-85 min long run


P.S. Don't get lazy and skip the strides and hill sprints, they are very important and very easy to do.

The Entire Fall Plan
If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, contact either Ken Goglas ( or Mike Fonder ( 

Welcome, New Members  


This week, we welcome a diverse group of new runners excited to join New Jersey's biggest and best track team!


Nadia Quraishi is a Princeton resident who is excited to get some motivation to run an entire 5k and 10K--not walk/run them.  She's signed up for a 10k in a few months, and we're gonna help her do it....Sara Diaz-Mayo, a


Somerset resident, just recently PR'ed in the 5k with a 23:30 andattended her first club run last week....Anna Steinman, a recent graduate and letter-winner for Salisbury State, was a standout at Rutgers Prep and, along with coaching at her college alma mater, is now training for NYC with the hopes of breaking 3:10.....Although


she hasn't run in about a month, we're hoping Danielle Aran, a former TCNJ runner, joins us for a few runs this summer and fall.....Josh Stinson, a former Rutgers Newark, joins the growing throws corps, as his PR (65.42m)

placed him 16th at NCAA D3 Nationals in


the javelin....Josiah Park, a junior at Rutgers Prep with a 5k PR of 17:06, looks to train with the aGSTC over the summer and fall to improve his cross country times....



There are many more we will highlight in next week's sure to reach out and say hello to our newest members!  If you live near them, or run their pace, or throw heavy things like Josh...send them a message on FB!





Why Join the aGSTC?  Survey Says....

We recently sent our members a survey asking for input about the things they liked and the things they want to see change.  Here are the most recent responses, copied and pasted from Survey Monkey!



Like how the club is focused & put together, & takes running seriously. Like the different levels it has elite, etc... Also, makes it's members feel like they are important & a part of something...

7/15/2014 9:16 AM View respondent's answers

Dedicated athletes and the comradery

7/15/2014 1:03 AM View respondent's answers

Everyones super nice and encouraging. I've improved dramatically from running with people who are way better.

7/14/2014 9:13 PM View respondent's answers

The different places you can run at and how there is always someone you can run with.

7/14/2014 9:08 PM View respondent's answers

A lot of people have cats and we can talk about cats during long runs

7/14/2014 8:42 PM View respondent's answers

Team practices

7/14/2014 7:43 PM View respondent's answers

Great group as a whole, just enough track meets not too much not too little. Practice are challenging enough.

7/14/2014 7:24 PM View respondent's answers

how super supportive and friendly everyone is!

7/14/2014 7:19 PM View respondent's answers

The team atmosphere at practices. Everyone is serious (at least relatively) about training.

7/14/2014 7:15 PM View respondent's answers

Team long runs. Fast runners

7/14/2014 7:08 PM View respondent's answers

the friendships built

7/14/2014 7:07 PM View respondent's answers

I like the interaction between runners, the opportunity to compete post collegiately, and the weekly email.

7/14/2014 12:23 PM View respondent's answers


7/11/2014 10:48 PM View respondent's answers

The chance to meet other people interested in running, the chance to compete in races, and the chance to run in a lot of different locations throughout New Jersey on group runs.

7/10/2014 9:30 PM View respondent's answers

I like the fun of running, camaraderie and social aspect of the group, and competition.

7/9/2014 12:20 PM View respondent's answers

The people

7/8/2014 8:05 AM View respondent's answers

Team support

7/7/2014 8:19 PM View respondent's answers

The motivation and workout plans, plus the comeraderie and pride.

7/7/2014 3:38 PM View respondent's answers

The large group of athletes to train with and race with

7/7/2014 1:45 PM View respondent's answers

The people! Opportunities to run in different areas and participate in races with a group of friends.

7/7/2014 1:09 PM View respondent's answers

The people.

7/7/2014 12:31 PM View respondent's answers

Too soon to tell. So far, it seems open to input and potential evolutional change. Time will tell.

7/7/2014 12:31 PM View respondent's answers

My training partners, the unity among the women's team

7/7/2014 10:59 AM View respondent's answers

Team runs and races

7/7/2014 10:40 AM View respondent's answers

The freebies, the hook ups, the events, breaking records, the tantalizing endless wait for new uniforms, the looks of terror and admiration on peoples faces when they think you are individually sponsored by adidas.

7/7/2014 10:28 AM View respondent's answers

Ken Goglas

7/7/2014 10:17 AM View respondent's answers

The best thing I like about the club are the uniforms, bright yellow stands out better than anything else and it attracts a lot of attention which helps GSTC numbers grow. The second thing I like about GSTC is the dedication and attendance at races, larger numbers make a more intimidating presence.

7/7/2014 10:12 AM View respondent's answers

The people

7/7/2014 9:44 AM View respondent's answers

Eli Howard
Eli is joining GSTC after he graduates from Dickinson College because he is looking for a group to run with over the summer that is competitive but functions as a team.His prs are 15:22 and 26:29 for the 5k and 8k but his goal is to break 15 by next year and make it to D3 nationals. Before run he has tons of coffee, a tums and cereal. He does an early morning shake-out well before a warm-up along with a set of strides and drills Outside of running he likes reading history and classic books as well as newspapers and the economist.  He also likes bike rides.
Chris Del Fattore
Chris is looking to join GSTC because he wants to be able to have a group to train with.  His goals are to train hard smart, have fun, race, get close to his college PRs. His pre-race routine includes a nice warmup, stretches, drills and striders. After his warmup, he gets ready to run a great race and tries not to psyche himself out. Outside of running he is a software developer for by day and a huge Brooklyn Nets fan by night.



Johnny Bobsled at Lake Placid 
Johnny Bobsled can also be Johnny Bicycle 
For those that don't know, one of aGSTC's speed and agility coaches, Mark Parisen, has been training a recent member, John Macchione, for the 2016 USA Olympic Bobsled Combine up in Lake Placid, New York.  "Johnny Bobsled," as he is affectionately known to the sprint group, a play off John "Johnny Football" Manziel's nickname, has been both training with the sprint squad and doing one-on-one session with Parisen.  Although he's never run track before, just collegiate soccer and road cycling, he jumped in head-first, training three times a week with the aGSTC's sprinters--a group that ran 40.83 this spring, America's second fastest club 4x100 relay time.
The combine, held at Lake Placid, NY last weekend, had three tests: sprints, "grandma style" shot-put throw (throw between legs), and broad jump.  Twenty-five athletes stayed at the Olympic Training Center prior to the combine start.
After competing in all three events, the group had lunch, followed by time spent at the push track where competitors pushed the bobsled with current US pilot Jake Peterson ("Jakey Bobsled" = not as cool of a nickname).  This is what they were doing.


During his post-combine meeting with the USA Bobsled coach, he was asked back for a second combine in August, along with an invitation to "Driver's School" in the fall.  The coach recommended he buy his own sled, although costing between $15k-$50k, this isn't exactly a December stocking stuffer.  He was also urged to lower his 30m time down.


Afterward, Johnny Bobsled spent a night on the town with fellow bobsledders, later falling asleep to the dream of making it big in two years with Coach Parisen, the aGSTC, and the coolest nickname in the wild and crazy world of bobsledding.



Research Survey: Endurance and Libido for Men  
In case you missed the Facebook post, we got an interesting request via email this week:
My name is Michelle Pebole, a Master's student in the Exercise and Sport Science department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My academic advisor, Dr. Anthony Hackney, recently launched a study that examines the effects of exercise training on sexual libido in adult males. I am sending around a preliminary questionnaire that has been approved by the UNC institutional review board (IRB). I was wondering if you would post a link to the survey somewhere on your webpage (or Facebook) to help recruit subjects for the study?  
TMA: Totally Misunderstood Award
(not the Tim Morgan Award)
As many surely recall, there have been many classic nominations over the years.  Remember when Zak Martins lost his phone inside the team van's engine?  Or when Steve Mennitt drove to Portland, Oregon but booked his flight back from Portland, Maine to Newark, NJ?  Ricky Garcia once got lost in his warm up at Boston, Tim Morgan showed up at the wrong trail head to receive his birthday cake, ahhh...the memories.


This week's nomination goes to an elusive group who voted to have the USATF Club National Track and Field Championships at Mt. Tahoma High School, a school in the Seattle suburb, Tacoma, this past weekend.  On December 6, 2013, a group of members of the USATF Club Council & USATF Elite Development Club program voted on this during the annual USATF Convention in Indianapolis, although we cannot seem to obtain the minutes for this meeting.   The meet was originally slated for NYC again until Club Northwest bid for it prior to the meeting.
Of course we like the meet in NYC because we can attend, but the TMA is offered due to the very, very low attendance this they could have easily predicted based on results of 2012, and based on the very few clubs in the Northwest.  Many events had just one competitor, and in other events like the men's 110HH, if it wasn't for East Coast clubs flying across the county, they would have had zero participants.  


While we appreciate the idea of rotating competition sites, this is an important meet to the development of USA track and field athletes.  The meet needs to be held where the clubs and athletes are, not at wherever the highest bidder is located.  As we learned in 2012 in Nebraska, and now in 2014 in Washington, these West Coast and Midwest communities just don't have a club track and field scene.  Thus, this bidding process should include the geographic clientele of the bid, because if you build it, and they don't exist in the first place....they simply cannot come, and then everyone loses.


A Quick Look: Participants of the USATF Club National Track and Field Championships
                          Women 100m    Men 400IH      Women PV   Men HJ     Total 4x4 Relays
2011- (NYC)            25                      22                      3                14                19
2012- (Nebraska)      5*                       5                       1                 3                 5
2013- (NYC)           17                       17                      9                 14               14
2014- (Washington)  4**                      2                      2                 5                4


*four of them were NYC/East Coast athletes
**three of them were NYC/East Coast athletes


Summer Enclave Team Runs
North Enclave
Monday 5:45p @Pompton Lakes
Wednesday 5:45p @ Pompton Lakes
Thursday 6:15p @ Montclair Fleet Feet
Saturday 8:00a @ Pompton Lakes
Central Enclave
Monday 6:30p @ Buccleuch Park parking lot (near gazebo)
Thursday 6:30p @ Buccleuch Park parking lot (near gazebo)
Morristown Enclave
Wednesday 6:15p @ Morristown Running Company
Saturday 9:00a @ Morristown Running Company
Jersey City Enclave
Saturday 9:00a @ Pier A, Hoboken 
Sunday 9:00a @ Pier A, Hoboken
South Enclave
Monday 5:30pm @ Elk Township Trail
Wednesday 7:15 @ Gloucester County College
Wednesday 6:30 @ Haddonfield Running Company
Saturday 9:00am @ TDA w/ Beach Enclave
Summit Enclave
Saturday 8am @ Summit Running Company
Address:   311 Windeler Road, Howell 07731
This is a 5.1 mile loop on shaded, soft surfaces....we meet at the visitor's center at 9am...get there early and look for our group!  This is a great place to run!!!!
More to come from the Beach Enclave and the Princeton Enclave

What is this email?

The GSTC Weekly Email is a collaborative effort to bring club membership an accurate and entertaining update on all team events, runs, results, workouts, quotes, and even mishaps every Sunday night.  It is also often referred to as "The Email" or, by more prominent members of the running community, "error-fraught spam."  If you'd like to submit anything that would contribute to any of these sections, please email us!  



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