Wednesday, August 19, 2015

(8/17-8/23): Another World Gold Medal; Santana Runs 4:05; Epps off to Worlds


With more answers than a middle school sex-ed teacher

(for those who didn't do this last week...)

Please take the following few steps:

1.  Respond to this email, telling us what races you can do (see sample below- just copy and past with own answers)

2.  Sign up to be a 2015 aGSTC member.  Request a fall training plan once you've paid your dues...if you'd like.

3.  You need team gear! Team uniforms will be available at Sneaker Factory- Florham Park at the end of August.  To hold you over, check out the GSTC store here.

4.  Be sure to be a USATF-NJ member with the aGSTC affiliation.  We are team #07-385.


1.  8/30 USATF-NJ 5k XC- yes
2.  9/20 USATF-NJ Half Marathon- yes
3.  10/4  USATF-NJ 5k (women only)- no
4.  10/26 USATF-NJ 8k XC- yes
5.  11/15 USATF East Regions XC (elite only)- yes
6.  11/25 USATF 8k- yes
7.  12/12 USATF XC Nationals (elite only) - yes

Enclave Brouhaha 


This week, extra points for doing the following:


You are no longer uniformed.

Artist's rendition of South Enclave
Artist's rendition of Central Enclave



#gold division

1.  CENTRAL ENCLAVE (148 points)   
13 (Week 1) + 32 (Week 2) + 48 (Week 3) + 19 (Week 4) + 36 (Week 5)
If the Central Enclave had basketball jerseys, Zak Martins would wear them every day and night.  Look at all these group runs and silly faces.  It's impressive just how ugly several of these members can look when contorting their faces, wouldn't you say?  Also the first enclave to get a 4x100 sprinter guy, Kaseem Jackson, to a distance run.
aka, Balding Enclave
Nicole getting way to into this

thug life

Zak doing his mating call

Kyle just before hitting the restroom

10 (Week 1) + 15 (Week 2) + 35 (Week 3) + 16 (Week 4) + 20 (Week 5)
The North Enclave storms back this week, taking over second place for the first time all summer from the Princeton Enclave.  Now holding onto the silver medal by a dear eight points, they utilized lots of tongues and looks of surprise to catapult them into their new position.  We wish them luck holding off the defending Brouhaha Champs in this final summer stretch.
"too tired to make a face"
another scenic North Enclave parking lot
somehow they took this picture before the silly face announcement.  wow.

6am track workout.  that's motivation!
"too tired to make a face"

3.  PRINCETON ENCLAVE (88 points)
9 (Week 1) + 21 (Week 2) + 45 (Week 3) + 8 (Week 4) + 5 (Week 5)
Things are looking bleak for the defending Brouhaha Champions.  Although a few early-week runs this week will count in the bank for next weekend, they have been sliding like July rain off the back of a duck's back feathers.  Yeah, we went there.  The PE has its work cut out for them as they fight with the North for the silver medal podium spot in the final two weeks of the contest.
They keep forgetting to take pictures!  And faces!

4.  WILD WEST ENCLAVE (36 points)
10 (Week 1) + 0 (Week 2) + 13 (Week 3) + 13 (Week 4) + 0 (Week 5)
Things weren't very wild this week.  In fact...things were very tame.  Two thumbs down.

#black division

3 (Week 1) + 5 (Week 2) + 8 (Week 3) + 25 (Week 4) + 38 (Week 5)
The JC Enclave absolutely kills it this week, with some incredible faces, views, and creativity.  With just two weeks to go, they are certainly in the driver's seat!
Kyle looks very at home this week in the contest

Karl eats his shoes after his run
The plural of moose is not meese, in case anyone was wondering.

Another run in the fresh NJ air
JC pondering why Morristown was so darn weak this week!

Karl is a points machine!

Great background!!

2.  MORRISTOWN ENCLAVE (41 points)
4 (Week 1) + 4 (Week 2) + 18 (Week 3) + 15 (Week 4) + 0 (Week 5)
Ouch.  Morristown Enclave goes on vacation for a week, giving Jersey City an almost guaranteed Gold Medal with two weeks to go.  And, the South is rising...

2 (Week 1) + 0 (Week 2) + 14 (Week 3) + 0 (Week 4) + 10
The Great South makes a big move this week.  Can they keep pushing and overtake the struggling Morristown Enclave for second?  Can they hold off the Florham Park Enclave for third?  Does everyone in South Jersey wish they were living in the north?

Somewhere south...don't ask questions
Chest Hair Enclave

Shortly before Robin leads the south on a trail run
Adin posted "This picture may be negative points."

3 (Week 1) + 2 (Week 2) + 10 (Week 3) + 0 (Week 4) + 8 (Week 5)
Florham Park puts some good numbers on the board this week after falling asleep last week.  Too bad Aimee wasn't in the picture with a silly face...she evidently ran an extra mile and they took the picture before she returned.
Negative points for the prominent swoosh?

5.  BEACH ENCLAVE (12 points)
2 (Week 1) + 2 (Week 2) + 0 (Week 3) + 0 (Week 4) + 8 (Week 5)
The Beach Enclave gets a bump thanks so some folks racing the Bradley Beach 5k.  More on that below.

After the Bradley Beach 5k
After the BB 5k

GREAT Pictures, but...
Great smile, great backdrop, but
Your son doesn't want to hear about the Wild West's failed attempts to get points in the enclave contest


Nice background, weak beard

You could call this bull****, but this horny picture isn't in the Jersey City area


1.  Advertise the run on Enclave page beforehand
2.  Take picture of runners in enclave region
3.  Post on FB page

Enclaves get 2-5 points for every run; two is the minimum of runners, and five is the maximum number of points.  

Winning enclaves in each division will win adidas gear by season's end.

Points will be totaled up every week in the weekly email.

Club Nationals 2015:
San Francisco!!!!

The Leadership Team met on Tuesday, July 7th, and agreed on the following items:

1.  If an athlete hits the 82% PLP standard, they will receive a $300 stipend toward their flight.

2.  Any athlete hitting the 82% PLP standard (for 5k this is 15:40 men; 17:57 women), the club will pay for lodging, entry fee,  and van transportation there.

3.  To qualify for this support, the athlete must run two of the six team races this fall.

4.  Exceptions will be made, by the LT,  on a case-by-case basis if two team races aren't met

5.  Any athlete on the "A" or "B" team will receive lodging, van transportation, and meet entry support if they also meet the "two team race" standard

6.  Anyone who "belongs in the race" (sub-20 women; sub-17 men) may go and run on an aGSTC team!  The more the merrier!  Last year we broke the USATF record with eleven scoring teams!!!

7.  Any questions should be directed to the email, whereas it will be redirected to the LT for consideration.

The Leadership Team.  They work hard.

Kyle's Corner

Kyle's Korner is a segment of the Club's weekly email that will focus on reacquainting you with a different current club member each week. We will catch you up on how they are doing with regards to their training, their lives, and other general nonsense. This segment intends to be informative and educational while attempting humor in a purely inoffensive way. Mostly.
This week on Kyle's Korner we spoke to Master Runner Heather McDermott. She's been on the club for a few years now and has gotten very involved in a number of different aspects. She works at the Morristown Running Company and also hosts a few races each year that our club enjoys competing at. You can imagine how busy she is, but she still finds the time and motivation to keep herself in shape! Here's your chance to get to know what she's all about!
Heather McDermott

Kyle: Hello Heather and thank you for joining us!
Mrs. McDermott: Hi! Thanks for having me.
Kyle: How has your summer training been shaping up?
Mrs. McDermott: Hmm.. Pretty well I guess. I've been getting some longer runs in and haven't had any injuries so I'm definitely happy about that.
Kyle: Injury free is always a plus!
Mrs. McDermott: For sure! I just try not to think about my faster days when I was a young whipper snapper like you J
Kyle: Well speaking of fast, what goals do you have for this fall?
Mrs. McDermott: The fall is going to be pretty busy for me because my company Superhero Events is putting on the Oktoberfest 10k and the Halloween Half Marathon. Sometimes I get so stressed out from organizing the races that I have a hard time doing much quality training so I don't really have any specific goals for myself. I'd be really happy if I could get myself in good enough shape to make more of an impact on the team.
Kyle: As long as the heart is there I'm sure the training will come. Tell us more about the events you're running!
Mrs. McDermott: Chuck won the Oktoberfest 10k last year so clearly we have to work on getting some better talent for that one. Ha! It's a fun 10k in Boonton Twp. The course is fast and scenic and there is lots of beer after the race.
The Halloween Half will be a new one for us. It is a net downhill course but has some rolling hills in the beginning. There will be zombies!
We're hoping it will be a usatf championship race next year.
Kyle: Ouch! Chuck you gonna take that? But scenic a beer sounds awesome. And that half! Oh my what a wonderful idea! You've got my bid!
Mrs. McDermott: We would love for you to run some of our races! We are trying to up our game as far as prizes go to get some faster runners.
Kyle: That usually does the trick! How about a season end game? Planning on taking a plane ride to west coast?
Mrs. McDermott: West Coast?
Mrs. McDermott: Haha! Yeah, maybe I could be the water-girl or something.

Kyle: Nonsense! Just need that desire!
So how did you first join up with GSTC?
Mrs. McDermott: A couple of my friends (Sarah Schillaci and James Lothian) joined and that's how I found out about it. It seemed like a really nice group of people. Everyone was so enthusiastic about running and there were runners of all ability levels so I thought it would be a great group to join. I'm really glad I did!
Kyle: Did you see yourself improve after joining?
Mrs. McDermott: Welll, no. I can't say my times have gotten any better, but that's mostly because I'm old. What has improved, is my attitude. I'm not as down on myself when my times are slow and I enjoy running more because everyone is so positive.
Kyle: Hey any victory is a good one! And enjoying the running is always more important then the outcome.
Mrs. McDermott: True dat.
Kyle: Are there any personal bests you think you can still re-conquer?
Mrs. McDermott: I hate to sound like a negative nellie, but definitely not. I mean at one point I could run under 17:00 for 5k and now I can't even break 20:00...
Kyle: Buuuut you could chase down some Age Based Records!
Mrs. McDermott: If I live to be 90!
Kyle: There's some positivity!
Mrs. McDermott: Ha!
Kyle: Well that's all the time we have for this week! Thanks for speaking with us!
Mrs. McDermott: Thank you.
Kyle: Tune in next week to see who we interview!

Club Members May Be Interested in This...


Sunday Team Run

We are still deciding where to go Sunday morning at 9am.  There is a wonderful thread on 
Facebook right now on the topic.  Keep an eye out for an announcement in a few days once the group comes to a consensus.  

Meanwhile, check out the pictures of the team run and brunch afterward.  Totally worth making the effort to come run with us on a Sunday morning....every pace, age, and ability will be there!

Weekly Results

LeBourne Wins World Title

This Time in the 1500m
Lyon, France:  After racing three rounds of the 800, leading to an eventual gold medal, aGSTC master Anselm LeBourne wasn't quite done.  Now, it was time for the 1500m.

Against 59 competitors, he won heat 5 in 4:32.77; this automatically qualified him for the finals, as he had the third fastest qualifier in the heats.

In the final, he out kicked countryman Mike Knerr to win his second gold medal, 4:22.21 - 4:22.49.  Spain's Antonio Morales grabbed the bronze medal, finishing a few seconds back in 4:25.17.

Bradley Beach 5k

Bradley Beach- Stephen Rathbun and Katie Castroagudin both finished second at the Bradley Beach 5k, bringing home some very nice winged feet awards.  Rathbun ran 16:22, just 14 seconds off the winner.  Castro ran 19:25, 20 seconds behind the winner, while Wismith Francois was 4th in a solid 17:20.

Mark Parisen, making a solid push to qualify for the aGSTC women's B Team at nationals, finished 5th in 18:06.  Brian Weitz ran a solid 18:21 for his season rust-buster.   

Santana Runs 4:05 Mile;
Breaks aGSTC Record!!!!!!!
West Chester, PA:  Alfredo Santana, making his club debut, ran a sizzling 4:05.53 full mile at the First Annual Boxcar Mile on August 13th.  Going out the first three laps conservatively, the LaSalle grad pushed hard in the final lap, covering the final 200m in 27 seconds, to finish 5th in a loaded elite field.

Epps Selected to World Championship Team
Christina Epps, after winning the USA National title in the triple jump and later placing 7th (out of 16) in the Pan Am Games, has been selected by the IAAF to compete in the World Championships in Beijing this coming week.

The USATF wrote an article announcing this invitation here.

Jones Wins Run4Recovery 5k
Lisa Jones won her fall season rustbuster, as she cruised to victory, a plaque, and some nice prize money in the Margate race.  We would tell you her time, but the website only has the 2014 results.
Anis 3rd at Unicorn Marathon 
Mike Anis finished third in the Chasing the Unicorn Marathon this weekend, finishing 3rd in 2:51:25 to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

The mighty bearded one was running with the lead pack through the opening half marathon in 81:15.  However, he ended up fading in the deathly humid conditions, falling 2:00 off second and 4:00 off third--both from Maryland.  When asked about the race, he said, "That might be my last marathon in the month of August...unless it's near the Arctic Circle.  Yes, indeed, we would agree with that assessment.


A Message from the President
The club has many bills to pay this summer to keep the lights on.  If you haven't paid your years dues...please do so this week!

2015 adidas GSTC
Fall Racing Schedule

8/22  USATF-NJ 5k Masters Men Championships
8/30  USATF-NJ 5k XC Championships @ Nadirar Park
9/20  USATF-NJ Half Marathon Championships 
10/4  USATF-NJ Little Silver Open Women 5k Championships
10/25 USATF-NJ 8k XC Championships @ Deer Valley Park
11/8  USATF-NJ 10k Masters Women Championships
11/15 Garden State XC Invite @ Belmont Plateau (Philadelphia)
11/26 USATF-NJ 8k Championships
12/12 USATF National Club XC Championships @ San Francisco



It's time to pay your 2015 Team Dues.
The club has many operating expenses that depend on membership dues.


Peter's Puzzler
Peter Bolgert is an esteemed member of the club who was on the DMR that won the club national title in 2013 for the aGSTC.  A former Marquette standout in the steeplechase, he is now halfway through a PhD program in the plasma physics department at Princeton University.  In hopes to raise the intellectual rigor to the club's weekly email, he designs weekly puzzlers to sharpen the wit, acumen, and intellect of the club...while wearing this onesey.

Assume the Earth is a perfect sphere with a circumference of 40,000 km. If we made a circle of wire around the globe, that is only 10 meters (0.01 km) longer than the circumference of the globe, could a flea, a mouse, or even a person creep under it?


Anis Angle
Mike Anis is an aging cranky, albeit beloved and long-standing member of the club who takes great pride in his beard and his onesey.  In full transparency, we should probably also add he's never been asked to write an angle.  We just do it for him.

The volunteers at the marathon were terrible.  I had to grab cups of water for myself at one point.  Ridiculous.  Now what's this about a flea?

Answer: The wire would be about 1.6 meters, or a little over 5 feet, off the ground.  


aGSTC Runs
Type caption text here.
Check your Facebook Enclave group pages for regional group runs!  They are happening often now!

Picture of the Week

Prior to a run, Anis tries to sell a TomTom GPS watch to teammates last week.   #thehustleisreal


This sign was once sticking out onto the sidewalk in North Brunswick, whereas two GSTC'ers almost killed themselves by running into it.  In a fit of _________, Mike Anis maneuvered it as seen, above.  

On Wednesday, we went to the police station and reported the problem.  It is still there as of today.

Steady Striders
Do you run 9-12 minute mile pace on your runs?

Come join the aGSTC Steady Striders!  They have their own Facebook Group Page, coach, and group runs.  Email and we will introduce you to our two co-captains!


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